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Drive through a postcard to Asciano

Whenever we are in Italy we make a point of driving along the narrow winding road to Asciano. A destination is not the point of the excercise, this is all about the drive.


Asciano is a tiny village near Siena and driving here is like driving through a postcard. The road climbs over several of the rolling Tuscan hills and whatever the season you will be treated to unrivalled beauty. We particularly love spring when everything is green and new. On a windy day the long grass moves like waves on the ocean and the cypress trees sway and bend.

spring planting

Take the time to go off the road and follow dirt roads.

so Tuscan

 You never know what you will find.

in the grounds of a villa

We came upon a beautiful villa. There was nobody around so we had a little snoop.

swim with a view


the grass moves like waves

 The little side roads are gorgeous.


The area is dotted with beautiful villas and tiny villages. Be prepared to stop often to take photos.

a Tuscan villa

On this particular drive we stopped in the village of Asciano. We have been past so many times, we thought it only fair to take a look. It is a very pretty little town, well worth a visit. It was a Monday morning, so most shops were closed, but we found a good caffe in the main street where we enjoyed a coffee and sfoglia.


  The town is very well cared for and we were sorry we had arrived at such a quiet time. We will clearly have to go back.

an Asciano balcony

We then headed off towards Pienza and Montalcino. There are dozens of towns in the area where you can stop for coffee, lunch or a wander.

we found another one of these

 Everywhere you look is beautiful. I wonder if the people who live here become immune to it, or do they wake up every morning and thank their lucky stars.

another perfect view


and another


and another

We called in to Montalcino to buy some of the excellent wine produced in the area.

Montalcino goodies


a Montalcino wall - a little like Prince Charles around the eyes

 Soon it was time to go home. We got to drive through the area again.

perfect Tuscany


the last one

There are several posts on towns in the area. Siena has its own category and is one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. The duomo there is my favourite. Click on Montalcino, Montepulciano, Greve in Chianti and Radda in Chianti for suggestions .


  1. Yes, just as you said, it is beautiful and we also love the area and Siena is superb. Coffee and paneforte… just delicious. We are very lucky to be able to make those day trips from Bagni.

    • It is great to be able to go here often and in every season. I love the paneforte from Siena as well.

  2. Do agree the figurine does resemble Prince Charles despite the exaggerated ears!
    I love the dirt road – it does look narrow. What happens if a car wants to pass by from the other side – do one of you have to back out all the way or try to pull over between the trees? That’s one thing I noticed with congested traffic on the Ponte Serraglio bridge – the fun of watching from your balcony people negotiating their cars in tight spots.
    I can imagine the beauty of watching long grass moving like ocean waves in the wind along those rolling Tuscan hills, as you describe, Deb. I remember a similar scene when we drove through the undulating prairies in Nebraska. Each country has its own beauty.

    • The cars seem to manage squeezing past each other. It is all part of the fun.

  3. Great, amazing views……. i loved Tuscany… during our trip to Italy we visited Lucca, we loved it, what a beautiful sightseeings and the nature is great…

    • I’m pleased you enjoyed your time in lovely Tuscany.

  4. Ah, Tuscany, so beautiful! I spent 2 weeks there a few years back and drove the road, or one similar to the area you were in. Oh what amazing views. I just adore Siena, probably my favourite place closley followed by San Gimignano.

    • I love Siena too. That whole area is gorgeous and a wonderful place to drive about in.

  5. Haha it is VERY Prince Charles around the eyes! I wonder if that was deliberate? 😛

    • You never know, it could be.

  6. Wow! It’s making me sorry we’re not visiting Tuscany on this trip. Next time…

    • You definitely need to take a trip through this area.

  7. I was already planning to take a good look around Val d’Orcia, but I didn’t imagine it was that beautiful.

    • The area is one of the most beautiful you will see anywhere.

  8. That really is a picture perfect landscape!

    • It is actually better than the photos.

  9. What a perfect day and your photos absolutely capture the essence of Tuscany.

    • It was a beautiful day. We have driven through on cold misty days and that looks good too.

  10. “Driving through a postcard” is perfect for this experience. I love Tuscany -haven’t been there in ages unfortunatelly- and the landscape is so beautiful in so many ways… a postcard, indeed!

    • Not very often is the view actually better than the postcards, but the views here are better than any.

  11. Gorgeous.

    • Have you been to Tuscany?

  12. *sigh* those photos make my heart sing.

    • I can hear it singing.

  13. Oh, that is absolutely Prince Charles – I’d know those ears anywhere! I just love that! As for the views of Tuscany – how perfect; I love the picture of the sea-waving grass and, well, just all of it. I have the perfect piece of music as sound track for driving along those roads -Mark Knopfler “A Love Idea” – gotta have a sound track as I toss my hair in the wind in the open top sports car alongside my Italian lover – heehee – Peter might get sniffy though.

    • I won’t tell Peter if you don’t.

  14. Gorgeous photos Debra!! I love the fact that you snooped around the villa… I would probably have done the same thing!

    There is something utterly majestic about Spanish and Italian landscapes, I recently left Spain and I am missing the never-ending horizon of the Castilian plains. I’ve been constantly on the road so I haven’t been able to look up your blog until now – it’s needless to say that there’s a lot of catching up to do!

    • Hi James, Nice to hear from you. Where are you now? I miss Italy when I am not there and I am really looking forward to being back there later in the year.

      • I have just moved back to Hong Kong, where I am in the process of looking for a real job. My European adventures are over for now, but on the bright side South East Asia and Australia are well within reach!

      • I love Hong Kong. I will be there for a few days on my way to Italy in September.

  15. Beautiful photographs! I love the scenery in this area. Think it would take me hours to get anywhere!

    • It took us a long time too. We had to keep stopping for photos and just to take it all in.

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  17. Gorgeous scenery – so iconic, so Tuscan!

    • We have done this drive several times and it is never enough.

  18. Tuscany is definitely on my “gotta go” list now!

    • It is a very special part of the world.

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  24. Love Sienna. Outside the city is gorgeous

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