Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 25, 2017

Blood in the hills

We try to drive through the beautiful hills of Tuscany each time we come to Italy. There is a road south of Siena that takes you through Asciano and on to Montalcino and Pienza. It is stunning even on a slightly hazy early spring day.

We stopped at a lookout point and found this sign.

It was erected last year by the residents of Asciano to remember the death of 20 people and the injury of 5 in 1944 when the bus they were travelling in was bombed. 13 were from Asciano. It happened on Easter Monday in this beautiful place…what a terrible waste. Imagine the devastation to lose all those people from one small village.

Today, 25th April,  is Liberation Day in Italy and Anzac Day in Australia. It is a day when people remember the horror that is war…a time to celebrate to lives of the men and women who fought for freedom and hope that we don’t have to live through another one.


  1. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like humanity has learned this lesson in some parts of the world

    • No, war just keeps happening.

  2. Tragic….

    • Yes, it was not expected, but this area was involved during the war so we shouldn’t have been too surprised.

      • Quite… I have actually driven that road myself, some years ago

  3. Such a beautiful place, it’s hard to imagine that such awful things happened there it looks so peaceful. Sadly though it’s still happening elsewhere. By the way your garden at Casa Debbio looks amazing.

    • That drive is spectacular. I must admit the sign put a different light on things. Our garden is progressing well, thank you.

  4. Debra,
    Shucks. Next time stop for at least a glass of wine with us in Pienza! We are now here spring and fall, having bought an apt after the US elections last Nov. I can still RESIST from here without constant meetings. And, it’s a beat place to live, with kindred spirits. All of central Tuscany was anti-fascists from the 1930s and remains so today. You can’t discuss Italy and avoid politics. Next to ways to not pay taxes, it’s the frequent topic of discussion among friends

    • We will definitely stop next time we go through. We were on our way to Saturnia.
      You may be interested in reading Iris Origo’s book War in the Val d’Orcia, set near you.

  5. What a touching and thoughtful post …….a reminder that we must never take anything for granted. Bless the people of Asciano and YOU for posting it.

    • There are constant reminders of war here, even though it was 70 years ago.

  6. To peace!

    • If only it would happen world wide.

  7. I too love this drive, and although I’ve driven through it many times, i never tire of it – it’s essential Tuscany

    • Yes, it doesn’t matter how often we go we are always delighted.

  8. It is such a beautiful location it is hard to image the horrors of war reining down there.

    • It doesn’t seem possible does it.

  9. Beautifully put Debra. That lone tree on the hill is magnificent.

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