Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 25, 2020

The joy of travel

Travelling doesn’t always go to plan. One of my flights to Italy was cancelled which meant I had 15 hours at Hong Kong airport. I paid to go to a lounge to wait in relative comfort, but it was a long wait!

My stop over in Helsinki was cut short as a result but I managed to have a great day despite the freezing wind and bursts of rain.

I left the hotel the next morning at 5.00am to take the bus to the airport. There was a bit of a delay at check in because of a luggage conveyor belt problem, but eventually all was resolved.

It seems it may not have been completely resolved as half of the luggage did not arrive in Milan. I waited in line for nearly 3 hours to leave a delivery address for my suitcase.

Because of a recent derailment some trains from Milan were cancelled and others were full. I waited 2 hours for a train. It came on time but managed to be 35 minutes late arriving in Bologna. Fortunately the train to Florence was also late so I didn’t have to change my ticket.

The delay meant I missed a connection in Florence for Lucca and had to wait for the next train. A lovely friend picked me up in Lucca for the last leg to Bagni di Lucca where I arrived at 9.00pm…a very long day.

Fortunately my suitcase has been delivered a few days later. The one good thing about the mishap was that I didn’t have to drag mysuitcase all the way here.

It is great to be back in this part of the world. Bagni di Lucca is wearing its winter coat and I love it!

The winter view from Casa Debbio is lovely.

Our garden has survived the winter and the daffodils are looking fabulous.

This may not look like much but I am excited to see my peonies beginning to appear.

The weeping cherry is about to blossom.

There are buds on the rhododendrons.

We have lots to do in the garden. First of all the areas dug up by the wild boar need to be smoothed over and the lavender needs pruning.

…bring on some sunny days.



  1. Oh Deb what an arduous journey and then no luggage!!! Glad you are safe and sound with the prospect of some hard graft in the garden!! Enjoy x

    • I will be hard at work in the garden in the next few days. It all looks a bit daunting, but it will get done. I can’t wait to see it all come to life.

  2. Aaaah lovely Italy! So glad you made it through all those delays!

    • I am happy that my suitcase arrived. I am going to try to travel with carry on in the future.

  3. What a nightmare journey….but at least you are back now! The winter view from Casa Debbio certainly is lovely!

    • At least I was on my way home. I felt sorry for the passengers going on holiday without their luggage. It is nice to be back.

  4. Looks lovely Deb, glad you arrived safe eventually. What an exciting time to be back in your garden!
    Barb x

    • It is great to see signs of life in the garden. It will all happen quickly in a few weeks.

  5. I never get tired of seeing the changing of the seasons at your lovely Italian abode.

    • Me either! It is fun to wake up every morning to see what has changed. It all happens quickly once spring comes.

  6. What a drag to get to Bagni di Lucca. Now you can enjoy the awakening of spring in your lovely garden.

    • It is a great time of the year to be here, especially since I come from sub tropical Queensland where there is little change in the seasons.

  7. Wow, that was quite a journey. Your photos are lovely- just got a teensy bit of excited 🤓

    • The garden will be springing to life by the time you get here.

  8. When you travel a lot, from time to time it happens. And just like that, an accumulation of mishaps. Very annoying when you are fighting jet lag and exhaustion. But we all survive…
    Good to hear that you are safe and sound in Bagni.

    • Yes, it happens. Fortunately I was on my way to Bagni di Lucca and home so I just sat back and went along with it.

  9. What a trip! So pleased that your luggage has arrived to you! Enjoy your stay. We look forward to seeing the progress in the garden up at Casa Debbio and your journeys further afield.

  10. Tha’ts very true and delays often result in a knock on effect so you definitely need a lot of patience! Glad that your luggage arrived.

  11. So pleased you made it. Enjoy beautiful Bagni Di Lucca and beyond Debi; it’s looking beautiful

  12. I’ve only had one suitcase mishap, and my friend blamed it on De Gaulle. The airport that is.

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