Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 2, 2018

After the snow

Our beautiful snow didn’t last very long. The rain began to fall in the afternoon and the snow melted away, leaving messy slush.

The drizzle continued today, but there were brief periods of sun, making for some dramatic skies.

Ponte a Serraglio

Ponte a Serraglio

Ponte a Serraglio

Ponte a Serraglio

Rain is forecast for the next few days and the temperature is rising. At least it is good for the garden.


  1. Debra, Your posts are wonderful pr for Lucca di Bagna. My daughter and l look forward to your pictures. I will be in Marche towards the end of June and will try to get to the Lucca area. Hopefully, we can meet for a coffee. Thanks again for the many posts.

    • I won’t be in Italy at the end of June, we leave on 11th June to go back to Australia. I hope you enjoy your Italian visit.

      • Debra; Enjoy your time on Italy. Safe trip back to Australia.

  2. Well, that didn’t last long! I’m glad you got pictures of the snow before it disappeared.

  3. The river looks gorgeous – I love it when there is lots of water

    • It looks great right now.

  4. Che bella.

    • It has been a pretty couple of days.

  5. Snow and rain are great for the gardens and the river. Bagni di Lucca will look even more gorgeous in May!

    • Last year was a very dry year and it showed in the garden. I am happy to see the rain,

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  7. Gorgeous and soothing pics Debra 😀

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