Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 4, 2018

On the way to Casa Debbio

We had a bit of a break in the weather today. It was overcast, but it didn’t rain, so I headed up to Casa Debbio.

The drive up the mountain is always spectacular and the recent rain and snow have left their mark on the landscape. The river is the most amazing colour. I don’t fiddle with my photos or enhance the colour, the water is this colour.



There is still snow in the village.


While I was in Vergemoli heading up to the house the clouds swirled around the mountains.

The nearby village of Calomini appeared and disappeared in the distance.





I could see Casa Debbio.

Casa Debbio

I started along the road to the house.


But the mist rolled in and it became a bit dangerous to continue, so I returned down the mountain.

Verni looks impressive on its mountain opposite Vergemoli.


Rain is set to continue for the next week, which means my gardening is still in hold…very frustrating. I will go to the nursery in the next few days and order 50 ginestre plants and hope for an improvement in the weather so we can plant them on the slope in front if the house.


  1. Spectacular scenery and photos Deb – hopefully Spring is on its way

    • The next week looks a bit grim, but it will get better eventually.

  2. The photos of Calomini are wonderful Debra.

    • I stood for ages watching the village disappear and reapppear. Unfortunately the same happened to Casa Debbio.

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Deb. The water reminds me of the Blue Lake at Mt. Gambier. Looking down on the road gave me palpitations at the memory of that drive!

    • You should have seen the road today covered with ice and snow…then the must rolled in. I left the car and walked out.

  4. It does look beautiful in the snow. The ice blue of the river water cools me down just looking at it – 36 deg C here today.

  5. Wow, photos are great.

  6. Oh wow, that fog looks like something out of a fantasy novel!! Lovely photos!! –

  7. Just a bit of patience. This weather is doing wonders for the garden which will look superb in the spring.

    • Yes, I know the rain is good. Last year was so dry we were worried our spring would run dry.

  8. So beautiful. I used to think they fiddled with the colour on postcards from Canada until I came here and saw for myself.

  9. Beautiful photos, I love the swirling mist. What a wonderful part of Italy.

  10. Fabulous moody shots Deb!! The river is a spectacular colour !! I just heard the news that we have a potential cyclone forming in Coral Sea…!! Extreme weather of the opposite kind!! Jxx

  11. Stunning photos. Capturing the atmosphere of the mountains perfectly. Wonderful!

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