Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 16, 2017

Pre spring report from Casa Debbio

Spring is almost here in Italy. There are lots of early signs at Casa Debbio. The weather has been gorgeous, warm sunny days and cold nights. There has been a little rain, which makes for some lovely misty views. Vergemoli disappears and slowly comes back.

I like to be up early sometimes to catch the sunrise.

On fine days I am prowling around in the garden looking for signs of growth.

Daffodils are the first signs that spring is near. They are coming up all over the place. It is good that I have forgotten where I planted them, it is a lovely surprise to see them pop up.

Almost all of my peonies are making an appearance.

Some of the tree peonies are already showing flower buds.

There is some early lavender.

The weeping cherry will be in full bloom in a few days.

I have planted pansies.

Wild goats have been eating the rhododendrons. Some still have buds. They have also eaten the camellias and azaleas and they may not survive.

Our driveway has been prepared by Filippo and Rocco. We are planting a row of lavender on each side. There will also be pomegranate trees behind the lavender on the outside of the road. We won’t see a lot if growth this year, but it should look good by next summer.

Best of all, my lovely friend Moe (Maureen) has added to my green walls beside the house.

The chairs I painted last year now have wisteria and birds to keep them company.

The other side looks great too. Real wisteria will hang down over the walls in the next few weeks.

Everything will be turning green soon…there will be photos.


  1. Beautiful memories of a magical place. Thank you xx

    • It is a special place. I love being up in the mountains.

  2. Looking very lovely Deb

    • It is coming along slowly.

  3. Looking gorgeous! Congratulations!

    • In a couple of weeks it will look stunning.

  4. Thanks for sharing this amazing location . Love the wall what talented ladies …
    sunrise amazing ✨ enjoy every moment ❤

    • We are happy with the progress in the garden. I am looking forward to my peonies.

  5. I really look forward to your reports each Spring, Casa Debbio is developing beautifully, and Moe’s artwork is just stunning.

    • You must come up soon.

  6. I fell in love with your first photo of Vergomili shrouded in mist, like a magical faraway place!
    Love the other pictures, too, the raindrop clinging to a thin branch, the pretty wisteria on the green wall over your gorgeous chairs. Casa Debbio is turning into a truly charming place, a slow journey from ‘a pile of rocks’ into a reality dream home. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

    • It has been an interesting journey from our pile of rocks.

  7. Love the photos and the wonderful art work.

    • Thank you, it was fun painting the wall.

  8. You look like you’re having a ball with that mural Debi. Spring is certainly in the air up your way. So much energy- I can feel it.

    • It is incredible how quickly things grow once they start.

  9. Always love the photos of the change of seasons, so gorgeous and magical. Thanks so much,

    • Things seem to happen overnight…amazing.

  10. The garden looks as though it is about to burst into life. I love the wall! It looks fabulous Moe.

    • In a couple of weeks everything will be green…stunning. I love Moe’s wall.

  11. Just beautiful, I hope that one day we can visit again.

    • We would love to have you back.

  12. Painting on walls is just SO Italian. Gorgeous. That first image is magic – really magic.. c

    • I am trying to create interesting things and little surprises at Casa Debbio.

      • What a wonder to have such freedom with a paintbrush

  13. Isn’t it fun to go out into the garden in the morning and check what’s happened overnight – I used to do that – I used to think of it as giving things a little pat. I love your murals, so lovely and the chairs are such fun.

    • I have been know to actually pat my peonie buds. I certainly speak to them.

  14. You have a magical place there. I love lavender, well I love everything you have planted there. I wonder if pomegranates would grow in the uk. what a good idea to brighten up a plain wall, your friend is very talented.

    • I love lavender too. I often put my hand into the pocket of my shirts and find bits of lavender. It survives the washing machine and still smells great.

  15. You are lucky. We are still waiting for spring here. Your garden looks so beautiful already!!!

    • There are still no leaves on the trees, but it won’t be long now.

  16. Especially love the top photo — full of atmosphere

    • The view from our house is fabulous in any weather, but I think I like the misty views the best.

  17. Very nice – love the misty first photo and the mural

    • Thank you, we are happy with Casa Debbio.

  18. That mural though! Just love those cheeky chairs!

    • I am no artist, but they are a bit of fun.

  19. Hi Deb… you are so lucky to have this beautiful place to indulge all your creative passions!! Well done it looks fabulous!! I love Spring in Europe when all the flora and fauna is rushing to procreate with such beauty and diversity!!! Jxx

    • I love spring too and can’t wait to see all my plants grow.

  20. Oh how lovely and exciting Debra! Can’t wait for more!!!

    • I can’t wait to see my peonies bloom

  21. It’s looking stunning Debra! I especially love the daffodils and lavender!

    • We have lots of lavender, I love it and the goats don’t eat it.

  22. It looks so beautiful and I love the delicate shade of green for your wall! 😀

  23. Oh my, WHAT a splendid post!! Charmed by the bee-you-ti-full

    exquisite wall painting/s!!

  24. The paintings are beautiful! Thank you for the lovely posts.

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