Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 23, 2017

A car park in Lucca

I usually park my car near the station in Lucca. It is inexpensive, €1 per hour, and there are plenty of spaces.

Today must have been a busy day in Lucca as I had to drive right to the end of the car park to find a space. As I walked back I noticed some special parking.

Part of me finds it hilarious but part of me (the part that thinks these drivers are lazy and selfish) is cheesed off. There were at least a dozen wasted car parks where drivers couldn’t be bothered parking within the lines.

Worst of all, these 2 cars parked outside the allotted spaces, partially blocking the entrance and exit…well done!

On a brighter note, this was on the top of the walls of Lucca a few weeks ago.

This is today, spring is making its presence felt.




  1. We always park there as it is very handy to San Pietro’s gate and very convenient. We have also noticed how many spaces are wasted because of inconsiderate drivers…
    Looks as if spring is already here. Soon the roses will be in full bloom. Lovely! I am missing it!

    • I have seen poppies already on the side of the road in Bagni di Lucca. It seems a bit early.

  2. Not only in Italy do drivers park like that

    • That’s true, but here it is an art form.

  3. Ha those parkers drive me crazy! Got loads of them round here. The greening of the trees is so uplifting.

    • The trees are amazing right now. It seems they turn green while you watch.

  4. Wow, they park just like my neighbors. Maybe he is Italian. I should inquire 🙂

    • It really is inconsiderate.

  5. I feel your pain! Drivers in the US are no better!

    • I guess it happens everywhere.

  6. And today, I came out of the apartment building in Prato to find a car parked on the footpath, almost blocking residents from leaving the building!

  7. I am glad we don’t have a car this time – it avoids all the issues like you discuss. On the bright side, it sure is nice watching the leaves slowly erupt on the wall trees.

    • The trees on the wall are starting to look delightfully green.

  8. Viva l Italia! 😉

    • Quite normal behaviour here.

      • i know. i live in Rome. 😉

  9. Yes. Italian parking leaves something to be desired. They get very creative with it, finding parking places where they are not meant to exist. It is challenging to the anglosaxon sense of community ethics, I know.

    • I do admire the parking skills sometimes. They can squeeze into the tiniest spaces. I think they can levitate sideways.

      • So funny! That is the thing about Italians…even when they are driving you mad, they are frequently being brilliant and cunning.

  10. yes Italian drivers are sometimes badly behaved when it comes to parking aren’t they? Spring is coming and those wonderful trees round the walls of Lucca are just beautiful. Enjoy and send regular updates springtime and don’t worry about the bad parking. Lucky you!

    • Here in Bagni di Lucca they often stop at the fountain beside the road to fill their water bottles, almost stopping traffic. You have to laugh.

  11. Can’t wait for that first morning walk on the wall…

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