Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 12, 2017

Floats on parade

I don’t think there were as many floats in Carnevale Viareggio this year, but the quality was excellent.

After the Trump float, my favourite was the Walking Dead. At first it just looked like a group of zombies, but a closer look revealed something else.

From under the rubble under the huge fractured face came hands and arms then bodies…people emerging from destruction.

They then tried to climb over a wall into Europe, but the barrier moved upwards to prevent them doing so.

The meaning of some of the others was more obscure, for me anyway. I loved the jungle with books as tree trunks, but I am unsure of the message…any thoughts?

The ensemble in front did a great job and their costumes were fabulous.

There were 2 floats commenting on the state of arctic regions.

Poor Renzi got picked on a couple of times.

The next one was impressive. I love the green aliens.

This one was quite small. I don’t know who are the characters playing Romulus and Remus.

The next one is an American bison being followed closely by China. Make of it what you will.


I don’t know the characters represented in this float.

This one takes from the Venice Carnevale.

Here is the big, bad wolf.

A colourful tree with a message?

A lady in green and pink.

A walking garden.

There is always room for a semi naked woman.

I will leave with these 2 characters as they make their way off.

No doubt the floats are already being dismantled to make way for next year’s designs. I hope to be back to see them.


  1. Absolutely amazing. This is a highlight of your blog every year. I love it and look forward to it. I’m surprised these parades don’t get more press coverage. The creativity is out there.

    • I tried to find more information on the stories behind the floats, but had no success. I think the whole event is wonderful.

  2. Spectacular! I would like to think that I will make it to the Carnavale at least once in my life. I wonder if the trees with the books for trunks has something to do with tree preservation.

    • We have a date for next year. It was a last minute decision to go this year. I had one false start when the parade was called off because of bad weather. Sunday’s forecast was for rain, but I went anyway and it went ahead.

  3. Wonderful Deb. What clever creativity. Hope to be there with you one day.

    • I have been several times now, I love it.

  4. Impressive! Guessing the bison/China could be about China catching up economically, but the books and apes? No idea.

    • I would like to know more about the ideas behind the floats.

  5. An incredible mixture of imagination, creativity and craftsmanship.

    • I will visit the workshops one day. I would be interesting to see how things are made.

  6. Great photos again this year from you Deb. Marvellous creativity and colourful messages of hilarious or serious issues.

    • There is much thought behind the creations.

  7. Wonderful photos Deb!

    • Thanks. I had fun taking them.

  8. Aren’t they extraordinary. The talent and time that goes into them is wonderful. The book-palms don’t seem to have any fruit ? Maybe that has some significance?

    • Who knows? Perhaps the monkeys ate the fruit.

  9. Incredible Debra! What a collection of floats with so much creativity and meaning. Must have been amazing to watch!

    • You really do need to be there. These things are huge and there are no barriers. People, including me, wander about right in the path of these monsters.

      • Must be amazing. I think the political ones would fascinate me too. There is so much to make fun of these days. It is sad yet humor helps me get through the nightmare!

  10. I love those penguins waving from the iceberg. Trump I really scary. 😳 Thunks for sharing , Debra.

    • Trump is terrifying, I wish he would go away.

  11. Thank you great post! I think I’m going to have to go there next year to see these fantastic floats.

    • You should visit. It is a brilliant event.

  12. Over the top Thumbs Up to the designers and creators. Simply wow!

    • Wow is an excellent description.

  13. Fabulous Deb!! What imagination and talent… they must take a year to make!! Is there a float making industry in Viareggio…???

    • Yes, there are workshops in Viareggio. You can visit to watch the process…must do this one day.

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