Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 15, 2016


I pass the very beautiful Ponte della Maddelena every time I come or go from Bagni di Lucca. Sometimes when I pass there is no wind and the river is like glass…as it was the other day.

The day was cloudy and dull, but the bridge still looked great.

Ponte della Maddelena

Ponte della Maddelena

Ponte della Maddelena

Ponte della Maddelena

Ponte della Maddelena

Ponte della Maddelena

Ponte della Maddelena

Ponte della Maddelena

…still looking good after 900 years.


  1. It is a beautiful bridge, indeed. We must thank Countess Mathilda di Canossa for it.

    • Did did lots of great things in the area.

  2. It certainly is impressive….every time you drive past you feel the need to stop and admire it.

    • Yes, it seems wrong to just drive past.

  3. Very admirable!

    • I stop regularly at the bridge just to stand and admire it.

      • 😀

  4. How I too love that wonderful 900 year old bridge — remember you and I walked over it and took photos from the bridge but nothing is as amazing as the photo from the road where you capture the whole bridge and the mirrored reflection in the river.. Magnificent.

    • It is fun to walk over it, but the best views are from the road looking at the bridge.

  5. A bridge and a reflection – a great combination. I like it!

    • The bridge is spectacular. There must be millions of photos taken of it.

  6. Gorgeous the first and seventh shots are particularly beautiful. Louise

    • The bridge is gorgeous. I don’t care how many times I see it I am amazed.

  7. I think it is one of the few bridges the Germans didn’t blow up during their retreat because it was to so narrow. But the advancing Americans could get their Jeeps over it. Whatever the reason I’m so glad it’s still there.

    • It is wonderful that it wasn’t destroyed. The one in front of my house was bombed.

  8. This is such a beautiful bridge. I love when the water is still like that. Great photos!

    • I’m sure you miss this lovely bridge.

  9. Wow! What perfect shots

    • The conditions were very good.

  10. That bridge is superb – what an amazing place 🙂

    • The bridge is stunning.

  11. A big WOW with the reflections in the still water!

    • If the sky had been blue the photos would have been spectacular.

      • They’re lovely as they are, but it will give you a reason to take more photos.

  12. Absolutely stunning, Deb. I remember trying to capture the perfect shot.

    • The best photos I have taken of the bridge are way back with my crummy old camera. It all depends on the day.

  13. Beautiful bridge and so good that you captured it on such a still day. Great shots.

    • I drive past the bridge a few times each week. I love it when the river is still.

  14. Great sequence of the bridge!

    BTW, just stumbled upon a guest post of yours on International Living about Lucca. Joe.

    • Thank you. So my Lucca article is published, excellent.

  15. The bridge and the reflections look wonderful Debra! 😀

  16. Incredible water reflection!!

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