Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 18, 2016

Through the mist

As I drove up to Casa Debbio the mist closed in around me. A thick fog enveloped Gallicano on the way through. As I got higher the mountains reappeared.

road to Casa Debbio

Road to Casa Debbio

road to Casa Debbio

Here is where I parked the car to take the photos.

road to Casa Debbio

At Casa Debbio I was above the mist…a glorious day.

Casa Debbio

Time to begin the task of pruning the lavender.


Here are 2 tiny mushrooms near the house, no taller than my finger.


They won’t last long in the sun.


  1. Glorious! Sounds like you have quite a task ahead to prune all the lavender. The fragrance with each cut will make it worth the while though.

    • I love pruning the lavender. I find bits in my pockets for ages.

  2. Wow! Those mountains are huge and they completely dwarf the car. The photo of the mushroom is stunning and its smallness contrasts so well to the enormity of the mountains. An interesting journey!
    xx Rowena

    • I feel very small each time I drive under that overhanging cliff. I hope those rocks are not cracked.

  3. Misty landscapes have their own singular beauty and they suit the area.

    • I like love the misty days.

  4. Amazing photos 🙂

    • Thank you, it is a beautiful area.

  5. Oh boy … that looks like quite the ride up the mountain! … … but with stunning views!

    • Once you get used to the road you can admire the beauty.

  6. Oh! I would love to have some of that lavender. I bet it smells heavenly.

    • It does smell wonderful.

  7. Cute mushrooms. I’m guessing they’re non-edible

    • I wouldn’t eat them.

  8. Ahhhh…relaxing sitting in that yard. Debra thank you for posting/sharing, the photos are…magical. In ‘The Mists Of Casa Debbio’, can’t right now think of a more beautiful place in which one can meditate in stillness/quietness and have a heart to heart talk with their soul.

    • It is a beautiful place to be.

  9. Autumn sunshine and crisp air – it’s what we have been enjoying until today in Toronto. The temperature dropped dramatically, the wind blew and the rain pattered down – especially for our outdoor dedication ceremony in Ajax. The town councillors and the people on Kingham Avenue have been wonderful – it’s a beautiful community.

    • My last few days at the house were glorious. The sun shone and it was warm

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