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Big men in Milan

When I am in Milan I always go to Via degli Omenoni, the street of the big men, to visit the Casa degli Omenoni.  The house was built in 1565. The sculptures that decorate the house, and give it its name, are by Antonio Abandio.  Because they are so old, many of the faces are worn away.

The house was built for the sculptor Leone Leoni.  It is a very impressive building.  The sign over the door says 1722, perhaps it had a bit of a makeover then.


Casa degli Omenoni

not bad for his age

the lion has not fared as well

he looks quite stern

this one looks worried - or cold

he looks a bit timid

this one just looks sad

I think the door knocker is a more recent addition

A fellow blogger, The Daily Cure, who lives in Milan, is also delighted by this house. Click here and look for the post called “Here’s looking at you kid” to have a look at her impressions of the House of the Big Men. Stop by next time you are in Milan, you won’t be disappointed. It is right in the centre of town and not too difficult to find. I came upon it by accident the first time, but now make a point of visiting each time I go to Milan.


  1. How interesting! I need to check this when I will be next time in Milan…

    • You should go to see the house. Idon’t know if you can go inside, I just look from the street.

  2. Is it near the Duomo? I definitely missed this the last time I was there!

    • The street is not far from the Duomo. Go from the Duomo through the Galleria and it is very close.

  3. Fascinating – look at how much personality they still have after all these years!

    • They are amazing aren’t they?

  4. I like the door knocker. Door bells just aren’t the same are they?

    • I love the door knockers here.

  5. The expression on the “timid” statue’s face is quite remarkable and different from the usual kind of statue features!

  6. I wonder who they were supposed to be / what the were supposed to be about – fascinating!

    • I tried to find a bit more information about the sculptures, but didn’t get far. If anyone knows something, perhaps they could let us know.

  7. It is a very beautiful building… I love when there are faces or sculptures on buildings, it gives them some identity and character…

  8. Thank you! Thank you! Your coverage is much more in depth than mine, so will add a link by here from that post!

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