Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 12, 2016


I saw a bright pink Fiat 500 the other day. I like it and would consider it, but I suspect my husband might be less enthusiastic. What do you think?

Fiat 500

Fiat 500

I was most impressed by the jewelled side mirrors.

Fiat 500

We have a baby blue Fiat 500. I love this colour.

Fiat 500

The pale blue is now discontinued, but I like the new colour.

Fiat 500

I like coloured cars, much better than boring silver, like most of the cars in Italy. We drive the blue Fiat in Australia. In Italy we drive a silver Toyota Corolla…it was the only second hand automatic in the car yard.



  1. It’s really cute in pink, not my colour, but I’m sure it brightens people’s day when they see it.

  2. I love it! Years ago we bought a hot pink VW for one of our daughters. It was easy to know where she was….

    • I love it too. It is very cheerful.

  3. Yes you would get away with ‘pretty in pink’ , but have a feeling Jim may not be too keen on that new colour for himself.

    • Jim might feel a bit silly in a Barbie pink car…we will stick with the blue one.

  4. I prefer the blue and acqua colors. The pink reminds me of Mary Kay cosmetics.

    • I think it is fun, but I won’t be getting one.

  5. I love the pink – my car is ‘cashmere silver’ – didn’t have much choice sadly

    • We didn’t have a choice with the Toyota.

  6. My wedding get away outfit was a pink pantsuit. I can drive this car.

    • I think it would make you happy each time you stepped into it.

  7. The pink Fiat looks vibrant for and adventurous lady. But, I like your baby blue Fiat in Brisbane – it looks cool zipping along the highways and byways. J will certainly stick with the blue!

    • Our baby blue Fiat is still lovely after all these years.

  8. Although I don’t wear much pink I too would certainly consider a pink Fiat 500 for several reasons. Easy to find in the car park, pink and the bling go well together, very easy to be seen by other drivers on the freeways and I’m sure it would make you smile every time you went out for a drive in it.

  9. I have a Fiat 500 and, in this car, would certainly consider this colour. However, in the town where I live, there is a Fiat 500 with the paintwork done like old newsprint or sepia photos and all the illustrations are of iconic Hollywood film stars like, Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable etc and it’s brilliant.

    • It sounds brilliant.

  10. I’m with your husband, not the pink, thanks. But, I sure like your blue one.

    • We haven’t discussed a new car, we are happy with the blue one.

  11. I am very partial to the new banana yellow Fiat 500 with the Retro 50s cream trim features on the dash.

    • That sounds great. I had a yellow Datsun Sunny once. I loved it. We also had a butter yellow Peugeot.

  12. Barbara cartland would have chosen pink.

  13. Love the pink! We drive a white convertible fiat 500 lounge with turbo. It’s a beauty.

    • That sounds like fun.

  14. This really makes me wonder if Mary Kay operates in Italy. The jeweled side mirror may be more functional (hidden LED turn signals) but the idea is one that the MK people would love as a special highlight for their success prizes.

    • I haven’t heard of Mary Kay for years.

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