Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 5, 2015

Sailing from Helsinki to Stockholm

Please don’t get the idea I braved huge Baltic seas in a skiff. I went on an enormous ship that glides between Helsinki and Stockolm every day.

Viking Lines Helsinki

Viking Line leaves the harbour in Helsinki in the late afternoon and arrives the next morning in Stockholm…what a great way to travel.

I boarded the boat with hundreds of others and settled in on the back deck to watch the harbour recede.

From the high vantage point there is an excellent view of Suomenlinna, the fortress island in the harbour, and lots of other little islands.

Islands in Helsinki harbour

Islands in Helsinki harbour

Helsinki looks impressive from the ship.

Helsinki harbour

The local ferry makes regular trips to  Suomenlinna, along with other small boats.

Ferry to Suomenlinna

Boats on Helsinki harbour

The other ship, Silja Line, was first to leave.

Silja line

Silja lines

Silja line

Silja line

Silja line

Soon we were off and sailing.

Helsinki harbour

…past Suomenlinna.




…through Kings Gate, the narrow pass between Suomenlinna and the neighbouring island.

Kings Gate

Viking Line

Seagulls followed the boat for some time, but eventually realised no fish were going to appear overboard and they gave up.

Helsinki seagull

Helsinki disappears in the distance.


Here is my cabin. That is not a porthole, it is a painting of a porthole.

Viking Line cabin

Viking Line cabin

The next morning I was up early to watch us sail into Stockholm. The sunrise was taken from behind glass, it was freezing outside.

Sunrise in Sweden

I did eventually venture onto the deck. The Swedish coastline is similar to Finland. There are hundreds of tiny islands dotted along the coast.

Swedish coast

Swedish coast

Stockholm eventually appeared.






Gamla Stan, the historical centre waits to be explored.


More on sensational Stockholm soon.


  1. Nice darling very nice.
    i like your porthole was that the real view ??


    • No Russ, it was a painting.

  2. What a great thing to do. Have cruised the Baltic in the 90’s and did that crossing so know how you will have enjoyed it and now get us some amazing pictures of Stockholm, which is such a unique city.

    • We have done the trip before on the Silja Line. It is a fun thing to do. Stockholm is a lovely city…there will be photos.

  3. Hi Debra,
    Those buildings with the spires are all so beautiful. That pink and white one reminds me of the old Broadway hotel in Brisbane, in its better days before the fire. It still hasn’t been repaired. Enjoyed your sea journey from Helsinki to Stockholm. It’s a great way to travel.
    Robyn (in Paris)

    • Have fun in Paris, while I enjoy Stockholm.

  4. Ahh memories of visiting Suomenlinna! I’ve never been to Sweden so I am really interested in seeing your post on it! 😀

    • Suomenlinna is lovely, I have been several times.

  5. A very interesting trip. Thanks for sharing!

    • I get to do it in reverse tomorrow.

  6. Wonderful photos, Debra. Thanks for sharing your trip. 🙂

    • It is a very interesting way to get to Stockholm and back.

  7. What a shame it was overnight as I expect it is a beautiful coastline to see.

    • I think that it is open sea for the night bits.

  8. Debra, how heart warming to see your ship enter Stockholm, I just got back from a trip to Germany. Before I flew into Munich, I spent a few days in Stockholm, staying on a ship as a youth hostel. Can’t wait to see your pics from Stockholm. My posting will take a while, since I have so much editing work to do before.

    • Stockholm is a beautiful city. It is my second visit here and I have been lucky with the weather.

      • Can’t wait to see more of your pictures, Debra.

  9. Great pics Deb! Love the idea of an overnight crossing! We travelled from Naples to to Sicily on a similar vessel…. Great way to get from point to point!

    • It is a great way to travel, much better than lining up at the airport, dragging your way to a hotel etc.

  10. Lovely photos! I hope you have an amazing time. Gamla Stan is beautiful and the Vasa museum is great if you’re heading that way

    • The Vasa museum is amazing, I was there for ages.

  11. My grandmother was a chef on one of the ships. Nice pictures!

    • I think it would be an interesting place to work.

  12. looks like the Spirit of Tasmania, a little more grand though – is it a car ferry?The scenery is more interesting though, we only see the sea…on the Tasmanian equivalent.

    • The ships are enormous and quite grand in an old fashioned way. They do take cars.

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  14. Yes! I read a comment ….another day in paradise…I agree! 🙂

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