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Wine Australia in Scandinavia

I came to Stockholm and Helsinki to help my sister who is participating in a Wine Australia event. Jeni has a vineyard and winery called Curly Flat in the Macedon Ranges area in Victoria. They produce some of Australia’s best Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

The first event was in Stockholm in the Opera house, which sits opposite the Royal Palace in Gamla Stan. We had quite a view from our venue. Unfortunately I couldn’t open the windows so the photos of the view mostly didn’t turn out well.

Royal Palace Stockholm

Helsinki was next. This time we were in the summer courtyard of Sipuli restaurant, beside the harbour and below the Russian church.

Russian church Helsinki

Sipuli Restaurant

Russian church Helsinki

The room was set up beautifully.

Sipuli Helsinki

Wine Australia event Helsinki

Russian church Helsinki

Wine Australia event Helsinki

The event was well attended and we met some delightful and interesting people. Having a Finnish surname sparked quite a few conversations.

Wine Australia event

Both the Swedish and Finnish governments have a monopoly on alcohol. It can be very difficult to get wine into these countries. I am happy to report that Curly Flat now has and importer in Sweden and there are a few possibilities in Finland.

I don’t really need an excuse to come to Scandinavia, I love these countries and we have been very lucky with the weather. It has been cold, but sunny and clear.

Scoring an importer is the icing on the cake.


  1. Beautiful cake!

    • I don’t see cake, did I photograph one without knowing?

      • “The icing on the cake” – it’s the cake under it’s happy icing topping that I was admiring. What a fabulous place to go.

      • Wake up Australia! The cold air must be making me a bit dense.

  2. I am sure that Jen’s wines will be very successful. Both Chardonay and Pinot Noir are becoming very popular and Australian wines are building a reputation in Europe. Best wishes!

    • The wines were received very well and I’m sure they will do well. They sell everything they produce in Australia, but it is a good idea to broaden your horizons.

  3. I had a drink at Bronda last night and thought of you. ; )

    • I walked past and thought of you.

  4. Excellent news, well done!

    • It is good news. It is good to see Curly Flat making waves in new places.

  5. Hope the Curly Flat vineyard is safe now that,finally, things have improved in Lancefield.

    • The vineyard is surrounded by open plain, with few trees, and they have an excellent sprinkling system, but it is better that the fire has moved away. I feel for the people who are caught up in this.

  6. Fabulous Deb and Jeni – Norway is the same as we found when Nick did an exchange there but the positives far out weigh this difficulty – say hi to Jeni and I will order some more wine when I get back – it’s the best Pinot and so well priced for such a fine wine – Enjoy

    • Jeni went to Oslo too, but there was not a lot of interest there.

  7. How fabulous and how well deserved Jen with your marvellous Curly Flat wines. Well done.

    • It is great that Sweden has put in a big order.

  8. Beautiful countries. I’ve never been. Good luck to your sister. It all sounds really exciting!

    • It’s great. It is always good to expand the market for Curly Flat.

  9. Love Helsinki and Curly Flat pinot, well done..

    • It would be great to get Curly Flat into Finland…like grandfather returning home.

  10. This is amazing Deb. We have a house in Granaiola so are delighted to be able to read your blog and learn of local events.
    We went to a dinner at Curly Flat last year and I spoke with a woman who must have been your sister. We are going again on Sun 25 Oct.
    We also have land at Emu Flat so have been part of the anxious crew, due to the fires,of the last few days. All terrible with the loss of 2 houses, and our precious tree and wild-life.
    Then I see your photo of Gamlastan. I worked as a coffee cook at the Grand Hotel and my first gig was a Nobel Prize dinner but I was way down in the basement. We’ll make ourselves known when in Italy next year.

    • It really is a small world isn’t it? Please let me know when you are back in Italy…and say hello to Jeni in October.
      I will be back in Italy from February until mid June.
      I hope you are OK with the fires.

  11. Everything looks wonderful! I admit to being jealous; I’ve never been that far north.

    • You must, but do it in summer.

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  13. Well done Curly Flat.

  14. 4 Weeks ago, I took a boat ride from Royal Palace to a beautiful island Vaxholm. Sweden is just so beautiful

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