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Lunch with Gaudi

Antoni Gaudi was prolific. Barcelona is dotted with his exotic constructions. Even after 2 visits to the city we haven’t managed to see them all.

One of the Gaudi buildings open to the public is La Pedrera, the magnificent apartments in the heart of the city. It was the last civil work designed by Gaudi and was built between 1906 and 1910 for Roser Segimon and her husband Pere Mila on the corner of the very fashionable Passeig de Gracia and Provence.

la Pedrera

It was actually called Casa Mila, but popularly known as La Pedrera, “The Quarry”.  The couple had their home on one floor and the others were rented. Pere died in 1940 and Roser continued to live on the main floor until her death in 1964, despite having sold the building in 1946.

It fell into disrepair but was restored after being bought be Caixa de Catalunya in 1986.

Now it is possible to visit parts of the building including an apartment which has been furnished with furniture of the period.

The building is structured around 2 courtyards that provide light to the 9 levels.

La Pedrera

La Pedrera

The shape of the exterior continues to the exterior, which caused friction between Gaudi and Mrs Mila. She complained there was no straight wall to place her Steinway piano. Gaudi’s response was “So play the violin”.

The apartment is a delight. I could happily move in any time.

La Pedrers

The attic, where the laundry rooms were located, was a clear room under a Catalan vault roof supported by 270 parabolic vaults.

La Pedrera

One of the most interesting parts of the building is the roof. It is crowned with skylights, staircase exits, fans and chimneys. The gorgeous sculptures have specific function.

La Pedrera

The view from the roof is excellent.

La Pedrera

There is an outdoor cafe at the base of the apartments, which we were disappointed to discover was full. It turned out to be a lucky thing because we found the stunning indoor version up a few steps.

La Pedrera

La Pedrera


The restaurant is very elegant and we thought the food would be expensive. We were delighted to find the 3 course lunch being offered for €18. It was beautifully presented as well as being delicious.

Of special note was a dessert with a thin toffee presented on an easel like a piece of art. We didn’t order it, but when it arrived at the table next to us the diners saw our interest and offered us a taste. It was flavoured with violets.


La Pedrera

Our kind waiter also saw our interest and brought us one of our own.

La Pedrera

We enjoyed our Gaudi day. Barcelona is full of amazing things…we will return.


  1. Well, I’m absolutely gobsmacked! What an exceptional place to have access to! Gaudi was so creative.

    And, that restaurant was another winner, it seems.

    • There is another Gaudi building that we visited which I think is even better. There will be a post on it soon. The restaurant was excellent.

  2. It all looks lovely Debra. Spain is definitely on my must visit list 🙂

    • Barcelona is fabulous. It is enormous and full of incredible things to see and do.

  3. Fabulous photos and blog. I am a big fan of everything to do with Gaudi and this was a treat to read.

    • It is worth visiting Barcelona for Gaudi alone.

  4. What a wonderful experience.

    • The building is amazing. This is the second time I have been…I couldn’t resist.

  5. loved Barcelona mostly for Gaudì & la Pereira was my fav but I should visit it again just to try this restaurant 👏👍😋

    • The restaurant was very good and there was hardly anyone there. I don’t know why. I think a lot of people would think, as we did, that it would be very expensive.

  6. Poor Gaudi! He had a very hard time with Roser Segimond high took them to court, although it had no consequences. Roser had plenty of money, inherited from her first husband, Guardiola, who made a fortune in the Americas. She commissioned Gaudi, who was highly fashionable at the time amongst the Catalonian bourgeoisie of the tine, but she did not understand the geniality of his work. At a certain time, she had some of the features dismantled. Fortunately, when La Pedrera was restored, they were repositioned. Roser also got rid of furniture specially designed by Gaudi. Oh well, money is not always a guarantee for culture and good taste… But it helps….

    • We are very lucky that the building was saved and restored. Much care has been taken to make the apartment look authentic.

  7. Beautiful photos, Debra. I don’t remember there being a cafe there when we visited about 12 years ago. That dessert looks so novel . 🙂

    • The dessert was great. The waiter was very kind to bring us one of the little art works each.

      • I think we need to go there, if it’s only for the desserts. 😃

  8. Beautiful post, looks like you had a lot of fun. I love that little easel you got.

    • It was very cute…tasted good too.

  9. Bright, cheery and stylish….and great looking food!

    • The food was delicious. We were very pleased to have discovered the restaurant.

  10. My daughter raved about Gaudi’s architecture but I wasn’t impressed. Now you shown me the interior – Wow!

    • I like Gaudi’s architecture. I could easily live in the houses we saw.

  11. What a shame that the building fell into disrepair – so cheers to the owners who renovated. Price wise (and in general) how were the food prices in Barcelona?

    • We found the price of food similar to Italy, and much less expensive than Australia. Barcelona offers a huge variety of types and prices.

      • Good comparisons. Thanks.

  12. I absolutely love Gaudi architecture! It’s exquisite. I only wish that we had enough time to see more when we were in Barcelona. Thank you for these photos!

  13. I just love the angles of your shots Debra and how you creatively out all your beautiful galleries together. Every post is a work of art. 😀

  14. Barcelona has been on my “short list” for too long! I saw a wonderful doc about Gaudi & loved it and your fabulous photos & post are a reminder of why I must get to Barcelona! Oh, the food, too, of course! Gracias!

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