Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 8, 2012

The China Club Hong Kong

The China Club restaurant is on the 13th, 14th and 15th floors of the old Bank of China building in central Hong Kong. It is owned by Sir David Tang, of Shanghai Tang fame. I have been a couple of times and I love it!
The lift walls are covered with framed cartoons, setting the tone for a fun eating experience.



The decor is early Shanghai. This is not a great photo of the foyer, but the lighting wasn’t great for photos.


The club is full of beautiful and interesting art, the private collection of the owner. It is worth going to The China Club for this alone. Here are some of my favourite pieces.












The main dining room is Art Deco style and full of lovely things.






The food is fairly traditional Chinese and very good.




The last photo is an egg tart, which the last governor of Hong Kong apparently enjoyed every day at the China Club. I don’t blame him.

There is a chap making noodles while you watch.




And another who pours tea from a pot with a very long spout.




The tea is good and it you drink it quickly he comes back often to refill the pot.


The main restaurant is on the 13th floor. Upstairs is more dining in smaller, more private rooms and there is a lovey bar.
You can also have your shoes shined. A large pair of shoes alerts you to the service.


On this floor is a wonderful collection of ceramic figures. It was behind glass so the photo is poor.


One floor up is a beautiful library. I could have spent hours here.








Smokers are sent outside to the open verandah. It does offer some pretty good view of Hong Kong. It was a bit foggy when it was there.



I went with my very good friends, Anup and Poorna. You need to be a member to go to the club. Fortunately Anup has been a member for a while. If you are staying at a hotel in Hong Kong the concierge will be able to get you a booking.


We went for lunch. I highly recommend the China Club. It is like being in another time.


I am now in Helsinki. Take a look at my Helsinki blog for some gorgeous snow photos.


  1. We’re also members and go there when in HK..!
    We get good hotel rates through the Club as well.

  2. you most certainly get about! I love Hong Kong – one of the most exciting cities on the planet!! Give us a wave when you get back to Bagni – would be good to catch up!

    • I do get about. I am in Helsinki now and will be in Bagniu di Lucca soon. I will drop into the shop when I am next in Lucca.

  3. Lovely, interesting. Thank You. I have Shanghai Tang sunglasses and glasses and love them. I must admit though I didn’t know how the brand name came about.

    Cheers Judy

    • Shanghai Tang is a gorgeous shop on Pedder Rd. I didn’t know the association either.

  4. It used to be called The Hong Kong Club many years ago –

  5. I’ve heard of the China Club but have never been there myself. The decor looks very 1920s-30s, it definitely stimulates the imagination! As a big fan of Art Deco I’m glad the old Bank of China Building has survived the onslaught of Hong Kong’s developers. Great post!

  6. We have never been there and it looks terrific. I love the art collection and the cartoons. Plenty of atmosphere and the food must be superb. I am very partial to those Chinese egg custard tartelettes and that particular one looks very fresh and yummy!!!!
    Thanks for the great photos

  7. This is a great place. I was there last summer with friends. The way they serve tea is amazing!

  8. Deb, lovely to read about the famous China club, have been there many times with my former Hong Kong friends.Agree the food is wonderful and the ambience of that elegant club is stunning.

  9. The China Club looks terrific. I was pleased to see it brought to life by your images. as I enjoy reading Sir David Tang’ s question and answer column in the weekend’s FT.

    • I just love the art in The China Club. I am glad Anup is a member.

  10. Wow! What a great place. I loved the pics of art. Great post! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • It is a wonderful place to visit. The food is good too.

  11. Looks like an interesting place. I like the cartoons… and some pieces of decoration.

    • The cartoons are fun. I love going to the China Club.

  12. Lovely. Reminds me a bit of the famous Metropole Hotel in Hanoi.

    • I haven’t been to Hanoi yet.

  13. That place looks amazing-art on the walls and art in the way they pour tea too!

    • The tea pourer was very clever.

  14. Fascinating place Debra! Thanks for sharing! Love your photos!

    • It is fascinating. I just love some of the art.

  15. Looks impressive .. paintings, food, tea, library … you could spend the whole day in there! I’m in awe of the tea pouring and the stunning library.

    • I would love to settle into that library for an afternoon.

  16. Wow wish I knew about this on my visit last year. Looks fabulous.

    • It is very fabulous. You will have to go next time.

  17. Debra , what an outstanding blog. i look forward to sharing your adventures.
    i love the details pics of the China Club. i hope to be in Honkers early next year. How does one make a booking? JB

    • Unfortunately it is members only. Do you know anyone in Hong Kong who is a member.

  18. Hi Deb
    Am leaving on Saturday with Jane and my niece for Hong Kong.will take your recommendations with me!

    • You need to be a member to go to the Hong Kong Club….or know one.

  19. From Ann PH

  20. […] 4 was the gorgeous China Club in Hong Kong. My friends who live in Hong Kong take me there occasionally…lucky […]

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