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Excellent Oxford

My clever friend Poorna is doing her PhD in Oxford.  She invited me to stay on my way to Italy earlier this year. I jumped at the chance to revisit this gorgeous place.

I was there in February, the middle of winter. The weather was just as you would expect, cold and damp, but that didn’t dampen my enthusiasm. Oxford is a lively town, full of students of all ages from all over the world.


The colleges, departments, libraries, accommodation and other facilities are scattered throughout the city centre. Oxford is the oldest university in the English speaking world and has a beautiful collection of buildings…from different centuries.

The Sheldonian Theatre was built by Christopher Wren between 1664 and 1668.


The Bodleian Library, which includes the Radcliffe Camera and the Clarendon Building, is the largest university library system in the UK, with over a million volumes housed on over 120 miles of shelving. A tunnel under Broad St connects the buildings.



A cross in the middle of Broad St marks the spot where Hugh Latimer, Bishop of Worcester, Nicolas Ridley, Bishop of London and Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury were burnt for their faith in 1555 and 1556.


We visited the University Museum of Natural History in its huge Neo-Gothic building. Among many exotic delights they have the most complete remains of a dodo.


There is lots of wonderful open space in and around the colleges. The botanic garden is the oldest in the UK. Even in the depths of winter, signs of spring were beginning to appear.






I was delighted to see a fat little robin. He is the first one I have ever seen and he posed very nicely for me.


Oxford is a beautiful and interesting place to visit. I would love to be there on a fine spring day. Being an Oxford student must be an amazing experience.


  1. It is a wonderful place and your photos depict it to perfection. Thank you, Deb!

    • It is amazing to be in a place where so many brilliant people have studied.

  2. Lovely but I’m a Cambridge graduate myself. King’s college. I do admit Oxford comes a close second!

    • I will have to visit Cambridge one day.

      • It is on my list Debra
        When we go Back to Bath xx

      • Paola ( alias Louise) lol

  3. John and I went to Cambridge, a gorgeous university town, but disappointedly missed out on seeing Oxford. So, I felt delighted to be taken on a tour of this beautiful old university town through your camera lens. Love the intricate designs of the historic buildings. Love the statue of the lady reading in the rain. Love the nooks and crannies of the narrow streets, the inside of the Museum of Natural History with its dignified Dodo on display, and love the Botanical Gardens with its flora and fauna. I must say seeing the fat Red Robin completes the tour very nicely. So happy to see Poorna and Anup in one photo. Thank you, Deb, you’ve made my day!

    • I had a great couple of days in Oxford and being there with Anup and Poorna was the best bit.

  4. Wonderful photos Debra! I especially love the purple flowers.

    • It is always lovely to see the spring bulbs appear.

  5. Fantastic photo gallery, Debra. Oxford is so steeped in history.I think one needs to actually spend a lot of time there to soak up the wonderful atmosphere. Well done to your friend Poorna. What a star! 🙂

    • I would definitely like to go back in a different season. The gardens would be gorgeous in spring/summer.

  6. Yes it is a wonderful area of colleges. I was there a few years ago. It has a great atmosphere

    • It is a gorgeous place, I loved it.

  7. I absolutely love winter landscapes, the bare trees against a lowering sky and cold drips of water forming on gutters. The spring flowers look as though a light is being switched on and I have always loved the cheeky, bright-cherry breasted, opportunistic and sharp beaked Robin! What a lovely post Deb, about a magnificent place, thank you for that.

    • I love winter too. I love being rugged up against the cold, but I would really love to see Oxford in spring.

  8. I visited Cambridge years back but Oxford looks way more interesting. Hard to imagine that many books.

    • Apparently the shelves grow about 3 miles a year.

  9. What a lovely city. Even in winter the beautiful buildings shine. We look forward to visiting Oxford one day.

    • Oxford is a great place to visit. The buildings are fabulous and there is so much history there.

  10. I love the bird…. so cute

    • He was very happy to pose for me.

  11. Lucky you, Debra, going to such a beautiful town.

    • It is a beautiful place, it must be absolutely gorgeous in spring.

  12. Such a pretty place, Debra! I really want to go. Those flowers! <3

    • I love it when the bulbs appear.

  13. Stunning photos…

    • Oxford was a great subject.

  14. They are so beautiful photographs, dear Debra, I loved them all. They also took me to my memories many years ago… Thank you, love, nia

    • Oxford is a beautiful place. I went many years ago, but I was only there for a few hours, this visit was much better.

  15. I’ve been to Oxford, but you saw a lot more than I did. It was wonderful seeing it again through your eyes.

    • I found it fascinating. I am glad Poorna is studying there.

  16. As always, love the photos, Debra…the robin stole my heart (my kitty’s too!).

    • He was a very cute little bird.

  17. Appears Oxford is a photographic treasure.

    • I took lots of photos, it was difficult to choose.

  18. That robin!!!!!! Made my day. I haven’t seen Oxford in many years. You captured it wonderfully again!

    • I was delighted with my first robin sighting. He was a jaunty little fellow.

  19. A blogger friend lives near here and from all reports it is a wonderful place to visit! What a wonderful opportunity.

    • I think it would be a great place to live.

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