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Eze…the eagle’s nest of the Cote d’Azure

We stopped in Eze, high above Monaco on the south coast of France for the night on the way back to Italy from Spain.


We stayed at a hotel at the bottom of the rocky hill where the town perches.


The entrance to the medieval village is through the Poterne, which actually means hidden door. In ancient times it was made up of a series of doors and a drawbridge over a moat. I guess you really had to want to get in back then.



It is different now, visitors are welcomed through the door into the Placette, small square at the beginning of the Rue Brec which goes towards the parish church. Enjoy a crepe on the way.


…and the view over the edge.



Eze clings to an arid rocky peak and has always suffered water shortages. Throughout its history the inhabitants were forced to draw water from one of the 2 village cisterns. In 1930 a fountain was installed, with the water being pumped from Bass Corniche on Eze canal. It wasn’t until 1952 that  a water supply reached the houses.

When you walk to the top of the town along the gorgeous stone streets lined with stone houses it is easy to see the difficulties there must have been to bring facilities to the residents. Life must be a bit easier now, and it would be a beautiful place to spend your days…take a look.

We found a restaurant with a view over the coast and watched the sun go down and the lights appear.



The restaurant had an outdoor terrace, but it was a bit too cool to be there…next time.


The next morning we were out bright and early to make our way all the way to the top of Eze to see the gardens.

After WWII the municipal council of Eze created a botanic garden with the help of Jean Gastaud, creator of the Exotic Garden of Monaco. Because of the poor soil and arid conditions cactuses, agaves and aloes were chosen with great success. Originally called the Exotic Garden, it was renamed Garden of Eze in 2004.






Above the gardens are the ruins of a castle built during the second half of the 12th century by a noble family of Eze. The castle was destroyed in 1706.



The views from the top make the steep climb worthwhile.



We had one last look at Eze on the way back to the main road, and home to Bagni di Lucca. This was our second visit to Eze, it won’t be the last.


Exquisite Eze.


  1. Loos like a must see place…..

    • Eze is gorgeous, you must go.

  2. Beautiful places and beautiful photographs. Last night I heard that there was a flood and storm in the south of Italy, dear Debra, it was announced on the news… I hope nothing happened in your lovely town. Thanks and Love, nia

    • Thank you for your concern. There has been rain in Bagni di Lucca, which was needed, but I have not heard of any problems in the village. I look forward to being back there in a few weeks.

      • I am glad to hear this dear Debra, I saw in the news, the cars were floating… but there was not any one died or injured… Have a nice and safety travel to back home, Love, nia

  3. I remembering visiting there in the late 80s and nineties. Very special how that gorgeous village is perched on that rocky slope overlooking the sea. Chanel did series of ads there way back. Beautiful part of France.

    • We love Eze. We will definitely return.

  4. Fabulous

    • Eze is stunningly beautiful.

  5. It is a beautiful place and your photos show it. Eze belonged to the Grimaldi family up until 1848.

    • I’ll bet they were sorry to lose Eze.

  6. Just another one of your lovely posts. You really capture the essence. Thank you.

    • The tiny streets there are full of gorgeous things to photograph.

  7. top of the world

    • The views from the very top are wonderful indeed.

  8. I was in Monaco 12 years ago and that whole is is just so beautiful. thanks for showing it to me again. George Miori

    • We have been to Monaco a couple of times. It is beautiful too, in a different way.

  9. I can see why you’d want to go again

    • There are a couple of fabulous restaurants at the top…another reason to return.

  10. I just loved this peek at Eze! This lovely village was featured on a travel program I saw a few years ago and I was immediately fascinated. They said it is a popular stop for tourists, but it looks like you had the place all to yourself.

    • We arrived in the late evening and found the village fairly empty and we were up early the next morning to explore and it was still quiet, but the crowds began to appear mid morning. I always try to get people free photos.

  11. Yes very special

    • It is a beautiful place…like a postcard.

  12. What an amazing place, Debra! The views from the top are breathtaking. 🙂

    • We were there very early in the season. It would be very crowded in the high season…it is easy to see why.

  13. My goodness, it really is perched on a pinnacle. What a stunning place. I love the red, white and blue pots and the garden with the dolphin fountain and….. – pass the bucket list please.

    • There is a lot to love in Eze.

  14. Memories! I went there years ago, I see it hasn’t changed and is still one of the prettiest places on earth. Lucky you Deb. x

    • It is a stunning place, one to keep returning to.

  15. Oh yes, passing my days here would be no problem at all. Exquisite photos Deb.

    • Eze is a beautiful place to visit. It may be a bit irritating for the people who live on the rock, but at least they get it mostly to themselves at night.

  16. One of my favorite places on earth. The first time I was on the Cote d’Azure I was enchanted. A simply splendid place to visit. Love the pictures. I want to go back!

    • It is an incredibly beautiful place. We will definitely be back.

  17. I love that you show us places that I’ve never heard of before. Definitely off the main cities. Thanks Debra 😀

  18. Breathtaking photos! I especially adore the dolphin fountain and the small yard with the wildness of a ravine next to it. Stunning…

  19. Oh wow! It looks stunning. Now I can’t wait for next week. Caroline

    • I’m sure you will love Eze.

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