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Hand woven from antique looms of Lucca

In Via dell’Anfiteatro is a beautiful shop full of beautiful hand woven items…Tommasi Loom Works.

Some are made right in the shop and you can watch them grow magically from old wooden looms. Lucca was for many years famous for its weaving, but very little is left of this once flourishing industry.

Tommasi Loom Works

Step inside to an Aladdin’s cave of woven delights.

Tommasi Loom Works


There are gorgeous scarves in linen, silk, cotton and wool, a small range of clever clothing and articles for your home.


Watch one of the weavers at work.

Tommasi Loom Works

One member of the weaving family finds it all too tiring.

Tommasi Loom Works

I think it is great that someone is carrying on a Lucca tradition. Drop in to Tommasi Loom Works and have a look at these lovely things. I’m sure you will find something you will love.  Via dell’Anfiteatro is the street that runs behind the Piazza Anfiteatro.

Tommasi Loom Works

The shop has recently moved to Via Santa Croce.

(39) 0583 464624


  1. Loved finding this store last March and cannot wait to go back. Several fabulous scrafs and table runners were purchased. The lamp shade above the loom is a masterpiece to see. Thank you for sharing another Lucca treasure.

    • This is a treasure. I hope they do well.

  2. So…what did you buy, Debra? I’m sure a lot of it was irresistible to a fabric collector like you! 🙂

    • I visited with a friend and didn’t buy anything…yet.

  3. Oh My! Thank you so much for sharing. I used to be a weaver, had a huge loom and LOVED it! Still have my spinning wheel. I’m so glad to see people are weaving and making a living at it .

    • My mother was a spinner and weaver for many years. The work in this shop is lovely.

  4. Marvellous! Reminded me of when I watched women in Turkey creating beautiful articles from their looms…

    • It is great to see beautiful things being created.

  5. I want one of those scarves!

    • I really like the blue and white one. That may have my name on it.

  6. So beautiful to see such wonderful handmade goods made in Lucca thriving – I often remember Italy as the place where small artisan shops are deeply embedded into the structure and culture of a community.

    • I hope this shop does well, their things are beautiful.

  7. I love to wear scarfs! Hope they keep the tradition 😊

    • It is a beautiful shop, I hope they sell lots.

  8. It is a magical shop, I should say “bottega” and a reminder that old crafts can be revived. thank you for sharing, Debra.

    • I’m sure you would like many items in the shop.

  9. I am keeping so many of your wonderful posts for ideas of places to visit, thank you for always sharing your treasure hunts with us!

    • There is much treasure to be found in Lucca.

  10. We need to talk about these beauties Deb. What a delightful place!

    • They could work for you. The scarves in particular are very beautiful.

  11. Beautiful!!

  12. SO—–I’ve been gone a long time. I know! But we moved. It’s Ecuador. And we just got our internet TWO days ago! LONGGGGGGGG story!

    Amazing! I know a weaver here in Cuenca.

    I’ve missed you, my friend! Thanks for your patience!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  13. It’s so important to keep traditions like this alive….. can you imagine how fabulous the village would have been when weaving was a thriving business. Thanks Debra – another awesome post.

  14. Beautiful stuff Debra, Your photos are great. Lovely dog too!

    I’ll be back in Italy this time next year to celebrate my 60th – can’t wait!

    • Are you coming my way?

      • Deb, possibly. We want to go up to Milano but we also want to go south to Puglia and to Tropea in Calabria and to Stromboli. We may be able to stay longer than three months as my hubby has a british nationality (as well as being a naturalised aussie). Lots to squeeze in as well as visiting the rellies in Rome and Abruzzo…

      • Your husband’s status will not help you. You will need to get a visa in Australia, then apply for a Permesso di Soggiorno once you arrive in Italy. It is not easy, but possible. I do it every year. If you look in the category – Official stuff in Italy – you can see what I go through.
        Let me know if you come to Lucca.

      • Thanks Debra. Will have a good look.

  15. Oh dear another must visit spot –

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