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Return to Punta Ala

Last year we enjoyed a delightful stay at Cala del Porto at Punta Ala on the Maremma Coast in southern Tuscany. When most people think of Tuscany, the rolling hills of Chianti probably come to mind, but Tuscany is much more than this.

The Maremma area is dotted with medieval towns, separated by thick chestnut forests and green fields with olive groves and vineyards stretching to the beautiful coastline.

I was invited by Baglioni Hotels to stay again at their very first hotel, Cala del Porto, founded by Lisa and Roberto Polito…lucky me.

Cala del Porto Punta Ala

It is easy to see why they chose the setting amidst pine forests high above the beautiful sea. In the distance you can see Elba and, on a clear day, Corsica.

Cala del Porto Punta Ala

Cala del Porto has 37 rooms and suites, each one decorated in exquisite style. Nothing has been left to chance. Every detail has been carefully chosen to delight the guests. There are intimate rooms and suites, most with private balconies overlooking the marina, pool or garden.

Belvedere restaurant offers superb regional Tuscan and Italian cuisine in both indoor and outdoor settings.

The garden is enchanting. Last year I was inspired to rush back to Casa Debbio and put in more flowering plants. It would be easy to spend hours just looking at the roses. Click here to see last year’s post to see the rose garden.

One thing we missed last year was the private beach owned by Cala del Porto. Alleluja Beach Club is 2 kilometres from the hotel (transport is provided). We don’t have private beaches in Australia, but when I see something as beautiful as this I can see the appeal.

We were there the day before the season began, so the beach was empty. I can imagine how popular this is in high summer. I love the bathing huts with the gorgeous brush roofs. The ones along the path are filled with little shops and galleries in summer.

We had lunch at La Spiaggia, the elegant and relaxed restaurant right on the beach. The region is known for its delicious, fresh, local food.

Nearby is the new development, La Vela Beach Club…all set to open for the season. It features a spacious wellness area with Turkish bath, massage treatment room and fitness centre with a view of the beach. It has a bar and terrace with panoramic views as well as a restaurant on the first floor…the perfect place to relax and dine after a hard day at the beach.

Cala del Porto Punta Ala

Cala del Porto Punta Ala

The Punta Ala International Golf Club is nearby and the marina the hotel below has everything for sailing enthusiasts. Cala del Porto will organise visits by yacht to local islands and beaches, visits to local wineries such as the amazing Rocca del Frassinello ( which I will tell you about in another post). There is also tennis, horse riding, mountain bike riding, water skiing lessons, diving and sailing on offer.

Baglioni choose the people who work in their hotels very carefully. Everything is done to make guests feel welcome and comfortable. Cala del Porto has many visitors who come regularly and are greeted by the same friendly faces. The delightful and very elegant Giovanna and equally charming Luigi made our stay memorable…I would like to become a regular.

Cala del Porto Punta Ala

Richard the Terrible…this is the place for you!

Chef Giuseppe Angelucci, sums up very well the philosophy of Cala del Porto.

“The Relais and Chateaux Hotel Cala del Porto, and our Ristorante Belvedere in beautiful Tuscany is a dream.

This is a land that gave birth to the great Italian masters with their creativity and ingenuity as well as a land of great farmers and fishermen and rich in fantastic products and flavours.

These are the components that drive my creative process. I Giuseppe Angelucci, as chef in this unique place, have given my passion and love and let my dishes remain an unforgettable memory of the Maremma. Sometimes being simple is the hardest thing.”

Hotel Cala del Porto … Via del Pozzo, Punta Ala

Ph 39 0564 922455


  1. The place looks superb and the garden is spectacular. I have added it to my list…
    That pasta dish is most interesting. Something like small cannelloni with seafood…?

    • I don’t remember the name of the pasta, but it was very good.

  2. Simply amazing! On the (very) rare occasions I’ve stayed at Relais & Chateaux places, they’ve had to carry me out crying (kicking and screaming too) at the end of my stay.

    • I can understand having to be dragged out…they do things very well.

  3. Lovely story and photos, especially of the food!
    Off to Milano in a few weeks, maybe we can connect again.
    Will be on the road last week of June to visit new locations.
    Lago Garda one place I’ve never been.

    • It is a wonderful place to stay. We are around until mid June.

  4. Wow…….wow….wow. Will have to add it to my growing list…..your finds become my dreams…..

    • Cala del Porto is wonderful, you would love it.

  5. A dream hotel!

  6. Baglioni Hotels are a class act anywhere. Cala del Porto is gorgeous.

    • Everything is beautiful at Cala del Porto.

  7. Oh Deb that is better than anything you’ve written before. I always read and enjoy your blog on places you visit but this looks just fabulous. Your photography and words are the best. No wonder your blog won the award. Keep up the great work for us to all enjoy.

    • Cala del Porto is right up your alley…perhaps a visit is in order.

  8. You lucky gal! Thank you for the wonderful photos and review.

    • I feel very lucky to be invited to stay. It was great the first time, but even better the second.

  9. Wow! I want to be there now!



    • It is a beautiful place to stay.

  10. Ohh I want to go, another place to add on my list. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • I’m sure you would enjoy a stay at Cala del Porto.

  11. The place looks great and the food looks mouth-watering. I love this post 🙂

    • The food was very good, delicious ingredients, well prepared.

  12. Tuscan dream indeed. This place has it all and more… That they still strive for simplicity is a good thingz

    • The relaxed service is one of the very good things about Cala del Porto.

  13. How fabulous!!

  14. That looks like a great place with delicious food . I need you as my trip adviser.

    • Cala del Porto is a beautiful place to stay in a great area.

  15. Exquisite location beautiful views stunning photos. What a gorgeous place to stay and to visit. I must remember it for my next visit to Bagni di Lucca

    • It takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to drive from Bagni di Lucca to Punta Ala and the drive is really interesting.

  16. Oh, that really is such a lovely place, all of it, inside and out and at my ladies lunch table! I had to sit down and examine each photo minutely. I love the interiors, especially the green and lavendar combination.

    • Those lovely striped walls are actually cloth, very pretty.

  17. Your words and photos brought a beautiful place to life. It is simply gorgeous!

    • It is a very pretty part of Tuscany. Mostly Italians know about it, but the world needs to come to visit.

  18. Enchanting is really the word to describe this place! *sigh* Thank you for taking me to Tuscany today 🙂

  19. Reminder to self: visit all Baglioni hotels

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