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A gorgeous place to stay at Punta Ala, Maremma

The Maremma is a wild and rugged part of Tuscany. Punta Ala on the coast is anything but rugged. If you love water sport and golf, this is the place to come, and the Hotel Cala del Porto is the place to stay. One hour south of Pisa, on the coast facing Elba, Punta Ala is famous for exclusive elegance.

Lush pine forests and scrubs surround the small marina, and the hotel is set on the hill above the bay. The gardens are delightful and make me want to go back to Casa Debbio immediately and work harder.



Our room at the hotel was lovely…take a look. The view from the balcony is magnificent.

The reception and public areas of the hotel are very stylish…with more views.



The restaurant serves delicious food.

The gardens are magnificent. The roses alone could keep me interested for hours.

The marina is full of boats waiting to take advantage of the summer weather and the little harbour looks wonderful.

We wandered down to the water’s edge in the evening.

The pool was particularly inviting and I went for a swim even though the water was a bit cold. It looked particularly lovely at night, but I drew the line there. I would love to be at Hotel Cala del Porto on a hot summer evening.




Cala del Porto is owned by Baglioni Hotels and was their very first hotel. Every detail has been thought of to ensure guests have a happy and relaxed stay. The staff are particularly welcoming and would appear to have all the time in the world to make your stay special. I’m starting to sound a bit like a brochure, so I will stop now.


  1. Wow Deb, It looks fantastic! What an idillic place to stay. On a hot summers day it would be so incredibly beautiful. Lucky you.

    • That pool was heavenly, I wanted to dive in from my balcony.

  2. The photos are attractive.

  3. That’s an Australian built (Coomera) Riv 3000 —2 pics above the Prada racing yachts — Jill and I are going here for sure . Did the marina have a Chandlery by any chance ?

    • I included the Riviera for a friend in Brisbane who has one. There are several nautical supply stores in the marina. This is right up your alley Richard.

  4. God I love your blog Debra! I never tire and your posts are always fantastic!!!

    • Thank you, I love to share my travels.

      • And you share them in such a beautiful way!

  5. Looks heavenly

  6. This is a fabulous find Debra. How georgeous it all is!

    • Everything was very beautiful, a great place to stay.

  7. Thanks, Debra. It looks and sounds great.

    • I’m sure you would love it.

  8. Yes Deb, simply gorgeous

    • What a pity we can’t just move in.

  9. I feel like I just bathed in luxury, looking at the photos, Debra.. I’m afraid to ask the price. I’ve always dreamed of going to Maremma, and now my dream is a good bit more focused~

    • There are lots of great things to see in the area. We visited Massa Marittima on this trip and loved it. There will be a post soon.

  10. I have some serious travel envy Deb, the fish sculptures on the table are wonderful and I need some of those. The rooms look beautiful as does the grounds. Views are not too shabby either and the fish meals look like the unfussy food so characteristic of Italy.

    • I loved our stay at the hotel. It is wonderful to be surrounded by such gorgeous things.

  11. Wonderful write up Debra, yet another part of Italy to add to my list!! The roses are gorgeous!

    • Italy is full of wonderful places, each one different.

  12. Accommodations + the food + surroundings = winner!

  13. Thank you, again! And I am sooooo not surprised this is a Baglioni Hotel. I find them beyond expectations.

  14. Both the place and area look lovely and the roses are gorgeous.

    • Their rose garden was magnificent.

  15. Luxurious hotel that is, Debra. I definitely enjoy night swimming.

    • I would love to be in that pool at night.

  16. Debra, fantastic photos of a very beautiful place. The gardens look so lush and the flowers are so pretty, especially the roses. The Hotel Cala del Porto looks very inviting especially the room, the food, the decor, the pool – everything! Thanks for these great pictures.

    • I felt so inspired by that garden I planted a row of lavender and rosemary at Cada Debbio.

  17. Right up my street. I’ll save these details as I am so in need of some luxurating!

    • If you want some luxury, this is the place for you.

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