Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 28, 2015

Mac is black

Still in Pietrasanta…there is a fabulous shop called Mac, where just about everything is black. Black is stylish and easy to wear…and great for travel.

It is a beautiful shop. Their displays are inspiring.

Mac Pietrasanta

Mac Pietrasanta

Mac Pietrasanta

Mac Pietrasanta

They sell a collection of labels from all over the world. The buyer has a good eye.

Their accessories are always interesting and fun.

It is difficult to leave this shop without buying something…helpful shop assistants make shopping here a pleasure.

Mac…Via Mazzini 86

…just another reason to visit Pietrasanta.


  1. Beautiful shop, beautiful clothes and I love those headdresses!

    • Mac has a really interesting mix of things.

  2. What an interesting store. Always have collected some great pieces in black as you are right, about black for travel but also can be so chic when other things just don’t cut it. Like that interesting visual merchandising and the wall of mirrors. Did you buy a little something yourself.?

    • I have found several things there over the years and I still wear all of them.

  3. I do like that shop – how very chic – the interior alone makes one want to be there – and I spotted some shoes towards the bottom that I could get my ugly sister feet into. I think You are right, it would be hard to leave there without buying something.

    • I have a pair similar to those. I bought them at least 5 years ago and they are extremely comfortable.

  4. A lovely store. I would have to buy something for sure. 🙂

    • They have a great selection.

  5. Adore it Debra! Looks very moody and elegant. Love the ‘bug’ headpiece…and the neckpieces. Did you splurge??? I would have!



    • I did manage to find something I liked. Don’t you think it is similar to Carmague?

  6. Those are wonderful displays – they really show style and attitude!

    • Their displays are excellent, very inventive.

  7. I love the classy simplicity of the shop as opposed to some that you don’t know where to even start.

    • I know what you mean, some shops can be overcrowded and confusing.

  8. Ah, yes, another reason to visit Pietrasanta! It looks like a lovely shop.

    • Pietrasanta is a treasure trove.

  9. So black is the new black! Just the way I like it. The store is beautiful. Thanks for sharing…

    • Black is always good…and easy to wear.

  10. Verrrry stylish! Love the floating plants, what a marvelous idea!

    • The plants were fabulous…a Japanese florist.

  11. Yes. Beautiful

  12. The combination of beautiful, interesting products, stunning display and service Italian style….. Shopping heaven! What a great find!

  13. That’s the sort of shop I would love to visit.

  14. Looks fabulous Debra,,,,,lovely shop.

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