Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 22, 2014

A great new place to eat in Florence

I don’t know how long the amazing eating area above the Mercato Centrale  in Florence has been open, but the last time I went upstairs there the space was used for a rather ordinary furniture market. Some very clever people have turned it into a whole floor of great places to eat.

I went there yesterday and found it full of people enjoying lunch in the various sections…fresh pasta, wood fired pizzas, a beer bar, gelato…take a look.


There is a cooking school waiting for business. I’m sure it would be a fun experience.



There is a tripe stand for the Florentines and other brave souls.



I think it is a great addition to the markets. When you have wandered through the wonderful food stands downstairs go upstairs for lunch for a new take on delicious Italian food.

Go in the front door behind the leather markets in Via dell’Ariento, turn left and take the escalator to the first floor. There is an internal staircase as well.

The post I wrote on the food markets 2 years ago has become my most popular post ever. Click here for the lovely markets.


  1. Wow – what a great place to go and eat and even Lampredotto too!

    • I can live without Lampredotto, but the rest looks great.

  2. The never-ending wonderful places to discover in Florence this looks wonderful – great find! hugs

    • It is great for a quick lunch or snack, but I will still go to my favourite restaurants and no trip to Florence is complete without a stop at Giacosa.

  3. Wow I lived there last year and it definitely didn’t look this nice!!

    • I will have to find out when it opened. It looks new, but clearly a lot of people have found it.

  4. Missed this! Ah well good excuse to go back.

    • Who really needs an excuse to visit Florence?

  5. Interesting that food is the most popular. My favorites are your walks in different seasons. Oh yes, and the many beautiful faces you have collected.
    Thank you for taking the photos I might have chosen of doors, trees, cats and of course Faces. Bravo.
    Cheers, Marsha

    • Food is always popular, but I love the details, things often missed. Thank you for your kind comment.

  6. What a fabulous place to eat. Thanks for flagging this up. We’ll definitely be trying it in the summer.

    • I think it is a great place to stop fora quick snack, it all looked delicious.

  7. Wow that looks fabulous! How on earth do you decide what to try first???

    • I had already had lunch when I called in so I had to settle for a gelato. I will try a pizza next time.

  8. Your post has made me hungry. I only had an apple and an orange for lunch. 🙂

  9. Thanks, Debra. We had a look at it a week ago and it looked as a great alternative for a quick snack. We are going there tomorrow and I will let you know our opinion. I will not try the tripe, though….

    • I will be interested in what you think.

  10. Next time I am at those markets I will most definitely eat there. Fabulous find

    • I love the markets, so another reason to go there is good.

  11. What a great idea and it seems to be a better tie in with the market than furniture stalls.

  12. expensive looking fit out for the cooking school, backed by the Institute – looks like a must see place grazie Deb.

    • The cooking school looked great. I wish I had seen it in action.

  13. A good place to eat in Florence? What a novel idea!

    • I know, there is already lots of great food in Florence, but I like this modern style for a change.

      • Well said.

  14. Florence continues to excite with all these new discoveries.

    • I like to see something new and modern as well as the wonderful old things.

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  16. Bet you didn’t try the tripe stand food, did you? Looks amazing -all of it !

  17. I remember that post from before! And I always tend to think of outdoor markets when I think of Italy but this shows there are so much more!

  18. Looks wonderful! Bookmarking for a future trip.

    • I think you will love this.

    • It is a great new addition to the markets.

  19. I imagine that a cooking school above that beautiful food market would be a magnetic draw card for tourists. I remember your post on the Mercato Centrale and confess to revisiting often – I can almost smell it. Lampredo – is that tripe – sounds much more exotic doesn’t it.

  20. The photos look like food heaven!! We are visiting Florence in April and will visit. Thanks so much.

    • It is wonderful. Go early, it can be crowded at lunchtime.

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