Posted by: Debra Kolkka | May 24, 2014

Park your dog in Rome

I came upon this sign on the way to the Pantheon.


I wonder how the dogs feel about it.

A photo was kindly sent to me by Sandra, who spotted a parked dog while in Rome.




  1. Well, I suppose it’s a good idea, but I hope there’s shade and a water spout?

  2. Probley not too happy

  3. Wouldn’t like to park an expensive pedigree there!

  4. Haha! What if the dogs don’t get along with one another?

  5. It is very funny, and I guess that it has been done to discourage owners from leaving their dogs inside a car. If they get some shade and water and they are not left there for too long it may be a great idea. I would add a parking meter and that should cover the expense of making it more comfortable…

  6. Good find … and a new one to me!

  7. Only in Rome…..

    • I have not seen them anywhere else.

  8. How thoughtful. 🙂 I’d be a bit wary to leave my pet there, in case he’d gone when I returned.

    • I’m sure your pooch would be safe.

  9. Was there a parking attendant?

  10. che carino!! 🙂 🙂

    • I hope the dogs think so.

  11. Che buon’ idea!!!!

  12. I see people “park” their dogs outside shops here all the time and think that it’s not a good idea.
    I understand that Italian shop owners and restaurants are more receptive to dogs in their establishments than they are here in the US. (Here, it’s usually forbidden by local ordinances to bring your pet inside the store.) Do you find that to be the case?

    • Dogs are welcome just about everywhere here in Italy. You see them in restaurants and shops all the time, unlike in Australia.

  13. I wouldn’t want to be ‘parked’ if I were one, but better than being left inside a car I guess.

    • I’m sure the dogs wouldn’t be left for too long.

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