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Eat in Siberia

We had an amazing Christmas dinner at a beautiful restaurant in Saariselka in Finnish Lapland. The restaurant was called Siberia. We asked the owner why he chose the name. He told us a group of friends pulled a letter each from a bowl and the restaurant would be named whatever came out…Siberia.

We made our way through the snow to Siberia.


The restaurant is very elegant and includes a cafe for delicious cake and coffee and a small shop selling Finnish designs.



…and now to the food.

Amuse bouche…duck confit and brioche.


Course 1…Duck liver brûlée with apple compote.


Course 2…Sugar salted trout from Lake Inari with chive puree and lemon gel.


Course 3…White fish from Lake Inari with blanched vegetables, cauliflower puree and vanilla beurre blanc.


Course 4…King crab soup.


Course 5…Reindeer fillet with potatoes pont neuf, chanterelles, parsnip puree and port wine sauce.


Pre dessert taste.


Course 6…Dark chocolate cake with white chocolate sorbet with blueberries.


Course 7…Cheeses with honeydew,watermelon and vanilla tomato compote.


All courses were delicious, I couldn’t pick a favourite. It was a great night, the service was friendly and efficient and the owner, Juha Mehtajarvi, made a few visits to the table to tell us about the food. His philosophy is…use free roaming meat and only wild fish, ingredients must be local and as fresh as possible and each dish must be stylishly presented. He kindly posed for a photo with us. He is second from the left.


I know it is a long way to go for dinner, but if you happen to be in the area, drop in to Siberia for a treat.


  1. Superb!

  2. This is an interesting way of picking names.

    • I forgot to say there were bottles of vodka involved.

  3. Now that’s an unusual way to name a restaurant, but, gosh, that food looks AMAZING! Yummy!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • The naming thing could have gone very badly.

  4. Oh, my. The food is a treat for the eyes and the palate. And that place looks amazing.

    • I think the owner has achieved what he wanted with the restaurant.

  5. Food looks good!

    • Everything was delicious.

  6. Lake Trout, white fish, crab and then those wonderful desserts, looks a very memorable dinner and yes you will always remember that name -in Lapland Lovely

    • I would love to go back one day.

  7. So beautifully presented and it sounds delicious. What an amazing place in which to have a restaurant.

    • A bit far to go, but worth it.

  8. Awesome ! The next time I’m in Finland ( haven’t been yet) , I’m going to “Siberia” .

    • I think you should go to Lapland…take your coat.

  9. Aahh the memories, just wish it wasnt so far away for a return visit.. Must mention that there were 2 bottles of Vodka involved in the name choise event!

    • Yes, it is a long way from Brisbane, but I would like to go back one day.

  10. Unforgettable! Have you booked a table for next Christmas? 😉

    • Tha sounds like a good idea.

  11. This is food art! Each dish is creatively displayed. What fun!!

    • It looked too good to eat, but we did.

  12. What lovely delights and the presentation looks very nice.

    • It was a great meal…pity it is so far to go back.

  13. The food looks gorgeous! So hungry now.. And just the way I like it: small portions and local produce

    • I like to know where my food comes from, if possible.

  14. I salivated looking at all the food! Such works of art in the presentation of each course. Great to see all was produced locally.

    • Everything was beautifully presented, and it tasted great.

  15. I still hold marvellous memories of the delicious food we had in ethic Finn food in Helsinki. Can well imagine the food in Siberia was just as delicious as you said. That’s one of the beauties of travel …. tasting wonderful food!

    • Eating in new places is all part if the adventure.

  16. It’s the same way I travel whenever I go back to the Philippines – writing down destinations and picking one or two by chance.

    • Trying local food is one of the best things about travelling.

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