Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 16, 2014

Almost spring at Casa Debbio

The warm sunny weather is continuing and things are growing at Casa Debbio.

Yesterday was a bit hazy.


The hazelnut trees on the terraces are beginning to sprout.



There is a carpet of blue flowers under some of the trees.


The wild daffodils are looking gorgeous.



The bulbs I planted have shown their faces.


These red shoots belong to my peony…I can’t wait to see that bloom.


The paths are lined with primulas, violets and hellebores.




Work starts tomorrow on the new garden beds behind the house and along the path to the spring.


  1. Wow won’t take long before all the flowers are out – can’t wait to see the update!

    • It is great to be here in spring to watch everything start to grow.

  2. What a beautiful place you have, Debra. Those wild daffodils are so fancy. I love them. 🙂 Your hazy view is absolutely breathtaking. Enjoy the Spring. 🙂

    • The setting here is gorgeous. We had a barbecue today in the warm sun. Sisto played his music this afternoon, making things even better.

  3. What beautiful daffodils. They seem to have extra frilly little faces.

    • They are stunning flowers. Someone must have planted them years ago and they keep coming up.

  4. Beautiful flowers! They are doing very well, indeed!

    • I am looking forward to planting lots more flowers and shrubs up here. Most of the things I planted last year seem to be surviving.

  5. Those flowers are really pretty.

    • The daffodils are gorgeous. I wish they lasted longer.

  6. Oh yes. Won’t be long for the greenery to return.

    • The grass has stayed alive from last summer and is starting to grow. I will need to mow the tiny patch of green soon.

  7. Thanks Debra, Looks beautiful out there, I’m looking forward to returning to my little house in Barga to see if for real, I’ll be the in April.

    • Barga is a beautiful town. You can see Vergemoli from there.

      • I am looking forward to finding Vergemoli – we only found barga last year at this time
        Many thanks for your posts

  8. Ciao Debra, lovely pictures and yes it is much the same here in our little bit of Chianti. From past experience though, we are not bringing our delicate plants out from undercover until the 1st April. However, pranzo in the garden again today methinks!

    • We had lunch outside in the sun today. The geraniums are in the shops here but I think it is too early to plant them yet.

  9. Beautiful! you must be enjoying being back there Debra!

    • It is lovely to be back at Casa Debbio in time to watch spring happen here.

  10. Keep the pictures coming. Its really nice to see spring beginning to spring so to speak.

    • Things seem to turn green while we watch. It is a wonderful time of year to be here.

  11. Plan ! when I visit the beautiful town of Barga in May & stay at my little town house … I must find Vergemoli & have Lunch at Eremo di Calomini …. Sound fabulous afternoon

  12. I love combinations of blue and yellow in nature (flower) especially at this time of year when they signal spring has arrived.

    • Spring has come a little early here this year. I hope it lasts.

  13. Those daffodils are gorgeous!! Doesn’t yellow shout spring?

    • I love daffodils, I was so pleased to find them growing wild here.

  14. If only we could breathe the air too…. It looks magic.

    • It is gorgeous up here, especially with the sunny days we are having. Last year it rained for months.

  15. Can’t wait for pictures of your peony!
    Your garden is already looking fab, love to see more.

    • The peony was in a pot on my balcony at Ponte and didn’t flower, so I brought it up the mountain. I hope it produces flowers here.

      • I hope to grow peony in my new garden finally again. Perth just hasn’t the right climate. May yours bloom beautifully!

      • It seems to be growing well. I read that they don’t like to be moved, but it must have been happy to get out of its pot. I hope I get flowers, they are the most beautiful dark crimson. We will be able to compare notes soon on the growing of peonies.

  16. I can’t believe that you have hazelnut trees-wow! Are you staying up at the house all the time or down at your place in Bagni di Lucca too?

    • Casa Debbio was a farm many years ago. We have walnuts, chestnuts, olive trees, figs, plums, cherries and apples and pears which we have planted. It is fun to watch them all come into bloom.
      I divide my time between Casa Debbio and Ponte a Serraglio.

  17. Hooray for your Spring! It is turning to be Autumn here and I must say that I wish we were going into Spring.

  18. Autumn is a beautiful season too, especially here in the mountains.

  19. Deb, I so love watching the seasons change at Casa Debbio with you! Have a lovely stay!

    • Trees turn green while you watch, it is amazing.

  20. How utterly lovely Deb – it must feel very peaceful.

  21. I really thought it had already been spring for quite some time now because of the heat we’re feeling here in Cali. I guess it’s just arriving.

    • 21st March is the first official day of spring, but it has been warm for a couple of weeks. This weekend rain is forecast, good for my new plantings.

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