Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 12, 2014

A host of golden daffodils

I don’t think this is what Wordsworth had in mind when he wrote about delightful daffodils, but I was happy to find on my arrival in Bagni di Lucca that the daffodils on my tiny balcony have appeared.





Aren’t they gorgeous? Spring is on its way, the magnolias are in bloom and I can see a faint tinge of green on some of the trees.

Today I will plant the pansies on my balcony and on the bridge…there will be photos soon.


  1. Welcome back home.

    • I have 2 homes, Australia and Italy. It is nice to be back in Italy in time for spring.

  2. This time of the year is magic with all the flowering bulbs. I guess that our irises must be in bloom. I hope that they will last until we get there in May. Glad to hear that you had a safe trip and that you are already in Bagni. You will have plenty of work planting all the pansies on the bridge! But you do enjoy it… and the results are worth the effort.

    • I haven’t seen any irises yet. I will keep an eye out for them when I head into the mountans tomorrow.

  3. What a joy it must have been for you to see your balcony burst into blossoms 🙂 – and you plant pansies on the bridge? This is what I call true community spirit – please let us see your photos. Have a lovely Spring, Debra. Carina

    • The pansies have been planted and I will certainly take some photos when they grow a bit bigger. They look so jaunty on the bridge.

  4. Love them – always such a happy colour. Now looking forward to the pansies on the balcony and on the bridge in late April.

    • Daffodils are gorgeous. I am hoping the ones I planted at Casa Debbio have grown.

  5. Magnolias! Looking forward to your photos of Lucca’s magnolia lane, Corso Garibaldi if you capture them this year Debra.

    • The magnolias have almost finished in Lucca. They were early this year.

  6. These daffodils are a thing of beauty.

    • They come up every year by themselves.

  7. Lovely to see the daffodils – hopefully the sun will still be shining there when we return in 10 days time!

    • Me too, we don’t want a repeat of the wet spring last year.

  8. They looked very pleased to see you back Deb! I’m sure they’re not alone. Have a lovely coffee and savour a cornetto or two for me some time soon please! x

    • I have managed to have a few cappuccinos and sfoglias already and I can report that they are as good as usual.

  9. What a beautiful suprise. Hope the planting goes well.

    • Yellow and purple pansies are now planted on the balcony and the bridge. I hope they grow quickly. Your cyclamens are still thriving in my window.

  10. Yes my bulbs are looking happy too and the magnolias in the area are spectacular! Only a few more weeks skiing boo-hoo!

    • We haven’t had much snow around here this year, but we won’t be missing the rain.

  11. How fun to have daffodils on your balcony. They are gorgeous.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • I planted just a couple a few years ago and now they come up in clumps every year.

  12. Bright yellow daffodils – quite stunning. Lovely photos. Looking forward to seeing the pansies in full bloom.

    • They sould grow quickly if the weather stays as good as it is now.

  13. So pretty. I’m waiting for the first daffodils to bloom here.

    • They are doing very well here this year.

  14. Beautiful

    • They are such cheerful little flowers.

  15. What a lovely surprise for your return 🙂

    • I could see them from the bus as I arrived and was most delighted.

  16. Their bright, cheerful flowers really make your heart happy and they smell lovely too.

    • It is a pity their time is so short.

  17. what a wonderfully cheery welcome home. I’ve always thought daffodils are the happiest of flowers for some reason.

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