Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 9, 2014

Back in the northern hemisphere

I am in Helsinki on my way back to Italy. I love this city, and it has turned on some gorgeous weather for me.

There was horizontal sleet for my arrival and walk to the hotel, but that soon gave way to glorious sunshine and bright blue sky.

The beautiful Tuomiokirkko shone brightly in the sun.


The gold on the Russian church positively sparkled.



The stone men at the station have been cleaned and polished.


The naked blacksmiths are still hard at work.


Birds are patiently waiting for spring.






My favourite moose is on the lookout for spring too.


It can’t be far away.

I will be back in Bagni di Lucca soon…in time to plant my pansies.


  1. Nice photos.

    • Thank you, it was a beautiful day.

  2. Debra, what kind of camera do you use? Your photos are awesome!

  3. It looks as if spring is coming early to Europe. Possibly as a compensation for the dreadful weather that de have been enduring. Have a safe trip to Italy and we shall see you in Bagni in May.

    • I hope we are in for a good spring, I have some gardening to do at Casa Debbio.

  4. and I am at Main beach just thinking of you as I walked on the beach at sunrise- beautiful too in another way.

    • Main Beach is a great place to be too.

  5. Welcome back to the other side of the world and safe onward journey to Italy.

    • Thanks! I am looking forward to a lovely spring.

  6. Very pretty. A bit different weather to here.

    • It was cold and very windy, but those blue skies make it look wonderful.

  7. Love that city… Thank you for the beautiful photos. Enjoy Italy untill we meet again in Helsinki this summer.

    • Everything will be green and gorgeous by then.

  8. Love your photos. The geese and water scenes are so pristine…

    • Helsinki is a beautiful city.

      • I’m such a Mediterranean lover it’s hard to break away, but I would love to experience Helsinki some day.

      • I love Italy, but Helsinki is a gorgeous city and I love to spend time there too.

  9. Lucky you heading back to Italy

    • I know! I am hoping for some good spring weather for my gardening at Casa Debbio.

  10. In my next life , I wanna be a Debra Kolka

    • You don’t miss out on much Richard.

  11. I’m officially jealous…..Helsinki and Bagni di Lucca!!!!! Trust you have a good trip back and looking forward to your upcoming blogs.

    • Why don’t you come on over and we can do a repeat of last year.

      • Don’t tease…..

  12. Deb, are there lights on those spires, or is that the sun reflecting? Either way, it’s an amazing photo! And how nice to see waterbirds here – I’ve just blogged about them too! I wonder if we have the same ducks visiting us on different sides of the world? 🙂

    • That is the sun shining on the crosses on top of the spires, it did look amazing. I love the water birds here, I always visit them. I am happy to see the swan family still here.

  13. Beautiful graceful swans and sweet little ducks. Clear blue skies. Very inviting. Thanks for your great photos Debra.

    • Helsinki is a gorgeous city, you should visit.

  14. How beautiful it must be up there! Such crisp light. Yes it is definitely time for pansy planting in Italy. The violets are all out in clusters beneath my cherry trees.

    • My pansies will be in tomorrow. I have usually planted them by now, but I had to go home for a while. I do love spring in Italy.

  15. Gorgeous photos, you really capture the transition from winter to spring.

    • Spring is definitely on its way. The trees are completely bare, but there are tiny signs if things happening.

  16. They really turned on some charming weather for you this time Deb… Enjoy the transition!

    • The sideways sleet blowing my umbrella inside out while struggling with suitcases wasn’t much fun, but it made up for it later.

  17. The city of Helsinki looks so serene through your images … beautiful images 🙂

    • It is a lovely city…full of gorgeous buildings. The people are friendly and helpful and the food is great…what more could you want?

      • Nothing more. A camera in my backpack, I could roam through the streets for days on end 🙂

  18. Your pics have reminded me of our wonderful holiday in Finland!

    • Finland is a gorgeous country. We have covered a fair bit of it over the last few years, and I will keep coming back.

  19. Lovely photos, Debra. Have a safe trip back to Italy.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Thanks, Rome is next then Bagni di Lucca.

  20. I love the little blue tit or whatever bird it is – sp pretty – and it looks as if it has had a helping hand with its nest.

  21. That bird looks s though it is wearing serious eye make-up. There are bird feeders all over the parks in Helsinki to help the birds through the cold winter. I think they are lovely.

  22. Helsinki is still on my ‘to do’ list, unfortunately. Italy of course is high on my ‘to do again soon’ list.

  23. Gorgeous ;pics, Debra. You do get to see some fabulous places. Safe travels back home. 🙂

    • I am very lucky to be able to travel as much as I do.

  24. that would have made a change from Brisbane – summer is back it seems, 33 degrees today.

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