Posted by: Debra Kolkka | December 18, 2013

Leaving Pisa

Bagni di Lucca and Vergemoli are not far from Pisa airport. Each morning when I wake up the sky above Casa Debbio is filled with jet trails. Take a look at the sky just 30 minutes ago.




The lines across the sky grew as I watched.







…another gorgeous sunrise at Casa Debbio.



  1. My goodness – I guess they’re all coming and going across the boot, or do you think they’re all from/to Roma?

    • Pisa is an international airport with planes coming and going all over Europe. These planes are probably heading north across the alps.

      • I remember – it’s a gateway from the US too, I think. I just didn’t think the planes would be so high already if they were from Pisa. Amazing!

      • They could be from somewhere else I guess. Planes from Pisa usually go out over the water and then circle back. I try to pick out our mountains when we fly over.

  2. Buon giorno Debra, is there anything that you haven’t captured with that camera! What a glorious sunrise.

    • The last couple of weeks here have been amazing. The winter weather is perfect.

  3. Beautiful sunrise! And the vapour trails create a constantly varying pattern….

    • The patterns in the sky look beautiful.

      • Enhanced by the sunrise colours ….I have some against bright blue sky, very striking but not as beautiful!

  4. çok güzel fotoğraflar

  5. Beautiful Images…

    • Vergemoli is a beautiful village and we have spectacular views from the house.

  6. The sunrise photographs are amazing.

    • …a good reason to be up early.

  7. A beautiful sky indeed .. and the jet trails add an interesting touch.

    • It was a busy morning for planes. The trails looked great against that sky.

  8. Great Pictures – what a pleasure to wake up to. We really like Pisa airport, its been the arrival point for so many of our holidays.

    • I like Pisa airport too. It is tiny and always busy, but it works well and is not too far away.

  9. How I miss it!!!

  10. We are lucky to have an international airport where so many different airlines operate so close to our homes… or perhaps we made the right choices when purchasing our properties. You always see people complaining in different forums when flights to their nearby less important airport are discontinued by low cost airlines… this is something important for future buyers. That isolated property may look like an idyllic place to live, until you realize that you do not have all the facilities operating throughout the year. And what looked like a bargain may become a very expensive and inconvenient mistake.
    Loved your photos, Debra… as usual.

    • From Australia I usually have to fly into Rome or Milan, but the Eurostar trains are also excellent with good connections to local transport. I have become a bit of an expert with connections.

  11. Amazing! I think I spent my childhood watching the jets come and go from Sydney airport.. And I’ve spent years on planes going every which way. Some people don’t even notice planes or plane traffic but it’s something I always see. Great shots Debra.

    • I often look up and wonder where the planes are going and think I would like to be on it.

  12. What a glorious site to wake up to!

    • Just as well I am an early bird.

  13. Beautiful pictures of the sunrise, with all those trails it looks like Pisa is a busy airport.

    • Pisa is a busy airport. Every time I go there is full of people coming and going.

  14. That’s quite magical. I’m so sorry though that you are going to miss out on our forecast Christmas heat wave. You just can’t have everything, eh?

    • Perhaps we could be here together next Christmas.

  15. Gorgeous colours in that sky, Debra. 🙂

    • We have beautiful sunrises up here in the mountains. The view is always different and always gorgeous.

  16. I always grumble when the trails “ruin” my photos – clever you to make them a feature.

  17. This is just beautiful…what an amazing morning sky.

  18. Spectacular sunrise! That would definitely be worth getting up for

  19. What stunning colours Debra! 😮 Breathtaking!

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