Posted by: Debra Kolkka | December 16, 2013

The woodcutters’ track

Vergemoli is a beautiful mountain village in the Garfagnana in northern Tuscany.


Our house, Casa Debbio sits alone on the side of the mountain just outside the village. We have been having some glorious sunrises lately.


As we bask in the morning sun the valley below is shrouded in mist until midday some days.


There are several woodcutters living in the village and they use a path below our house to head into the forest to cut and collect wood.



The track winds around the mountain and offers views of the village through the trees.



Further along the track the view widens to include a few other villages.





There are a few houses scattered through the forest.


Some wonderful old trees decorate the track.




There is lots of wood stored along the way.



Woodcutting might be hard work, but you couldn’t really complain about going to the office when it looks as good as this.


  1. What a beautiful day!

    • The weather has been incredible. It is delightful up here in the sun.

  2. Wow – looks so nice in Winter.

    • A bit different from when you were here.

  3. Just splendid!

    • It is magnificent up here on the mountain.

  4. The photographs are gorgeous.

    • It is a beautiful place to walk and take photos.

  5. The low clouds in the valley with the bright sun in a blue sky are great captures.

    • The view is always good from Casa Debbio.

  6. So beautiful!

    • Vergemoli is a beautiful village in the Garfagnana.

  7. Heaven on earth!

  8. ahhh, what a peaceful post

  9. Beautiful photos, Debra… just as usual… you have spoiled us!

  10. Delightful, indeed!
    As usual wiht your photos I wish I could visit… soon! 😉

    • We have had the mist amazing weather here lately, perfect for working in the garden. Rain is forecast for today so that will be good for my newly planted trees.

  11. Stunning Debra, what a gorgeous little slice of the world!

  12. I am savouring every post on your blog; bit by bit. It makes me want to return so badly.

    • Spring is turning everything green at Casa Debbio right now. The view will be completely different soon.

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