Posted by: Debra Kolkka | December 20, 2013

Christmas in Rome

Christmas in Rome is fairly low key. The city is not decorated as much as New York or London. Come for a wander with me and see what I found.

There is a fairly impressive nativity scene on the Spanish Steps.







Some shop windows have Christmas sparkle.








…excellent gift suggestions.


Piazza Venezia has a Christmas tree.



There are Christmas lights.







The churches are open to welcome people.


I suppose when a city is as beautiful as Rome it doesn’t need much decoration.






I am now on my way to Finland for a white Christmas…first Helsinki, then Rovaniemi where Santa lives and up to Lapland for some Northern Lights (we hope). There will be photos.


  1. There is a wonderful Christmas Market in Piazza Navona

    • Yes, it covers most of the piazza and there were lots of people about.

  2. Bon Natalie Debra.🎄

  3. Very tasteful decorated, not overdone like other cities. Love your post Debra, thanks for sharing

    • I was a bit surprised that there wasn’t more decoration, but the city did look very pretty.

  4. Still love Christmas in Rome. Magical

    • There were lots of people about and it seemed quite cheerful.

  5. Rom is beautiful throughout te year. And I lo ve te Italia nativity ascens.

    • The nativity on the Spanish Steps was excellent.

  6. Love the lights. Love it all. Thanks for sharing. I have friends visiting Lapland at the moment – fingers crossed for the Northern Lights…

    • I am in Helsinki now and there is no snow. I’m sure it will be snowy further north.

  7. These are gorgeous pictures.

    • Rome is a gorgeous city.

  8. So beautiful so beautiful dear Debra, Thank you, have a nice weekend, love, nia

    • Thank you Nia, I hope your weekend is great too.

  9. How wonderful, and now Finland! Now that will be something to see.. I love roma, though secretly I would like to get to NY and see what they do too.. c

    • New York is fabulous at Christmas time, you have to go there.

  10. I spent some time in Rome at Christmas a few years ago. I love that city!

    Your photos are lovely and they bring back wonderful memories.

    Happy Holidays

    • I love Rome too. I never get tired of walking those streets.

  11. Thanks you sharing your photos of Rome during the Christmas season…I especially love the colorful lights. Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope you get to see the Northern Lights.

    • The conditions are supposed to be good for the northern lights this year. I should be great.

  12. Thanks for the Roman holiday. Safe journeys to Finland, and enjoy!

    • I have had my first walk through lovely Helsinki. I do love this city.

      • Hooray … and I imagine a tad brisk … but that’s OK this for the season! … Reminder … if you get a chance … the doors to my holiday party will be open tomorrow in your morning.

  13. I’ve just come back from London which was rather OTT, but beautiful. Our little village has modest lights and lots of trees lit up in gardens. I’ve just done our tree!

    • London does Christmas very well…another wonderful city.

  14. Breathtaking pictures Debra. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and much happiness for 2014.

  15. Rome is fabulous in any season but your photos of the street of lights is spectacular! Have a wonderful time in Finland and I’ll keep my fingers firmly crossed not only for Northern Lights, but clear skies to see them in!

  16. Still a magical city – wish we could have been there, too. Even Bangkok this year is not as decorated as last year, most likely due to the unrest here?, Have a wonderful time. Bon Natale, Debra – Carina 🙂

  17. Wade said he is jealous of your chance to photograph the northern lights and can’t wait to see the results. Have a safe trip!

  18. more religious stuff … and as you mentioned when the city is beautiful it doesnt require over devoration … happy holidays from Dubai

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