Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 6, 2013

Blue sky over Rome

Just take a look at this glorious November sky over Rome.

























Could it be any better?


  1. No I don’t think it could be any better Looks like you hand painted that blue sky to set off those magical monuments and buildings

    • Rome put on a spectacular show for us for a couple of days.

  2. Hard to see how it could be better! Glorious photos, Deb! xx

    • These 2 days were the most perfect I have ever experienced in lovely Rome.

  3. oops sorry Deb that was me putting that comment . clicked before signing in

  4. Beautiful photos, beautiful skies and some of the eight beautiful Egyptian obelisks that we can admire in Rome.

    • Rome is spectacular any time, but the perfect weather made things even better.

  5. Stunning photos Debra and that blue November sky is a treasure. I’m in Lyon, France and we had a similar blue sky day too which was especially appreciated, because the previous two had rain, cloud & cold.
    I’m going to Bologna next week for 9 days so I’m looking forward to finding that deli in via Obedan. Hope the blue sky shows up there too.
    Thanks again for sharing your beautiful pictures.

    • I’ve been to Lyon, where I had one of the best meals I have ever eaten.

  6. Beautiful Rome – even prettier with blue skies 🙂

    • I have not seen Rome look better.

  7. God, just breathtaking!!!!

    • Rome is a wonderful city. I love to wander the streets and contemplate all the incredible things that have happen there.

  8. Stunning images of a beautiful city. They made me want to return, Debra. 🙂

    • I am pleased that I can visit Rome often…I love it.

  9. I’d say that certainly qualifies as glorious! Wow.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Good weather makes everything better.

  10. Certainly most beautiful pictures with the glorious sky as background. I am very glad I have been to Rome enough times to identify all but I think 3 of the pictures. And because of those three I miss captions. Ah well! thanks for the photography

    • I went back and added the route we took while taking the photos.

  11. Castel St Angelo is my favorite building in Rome – great shots

    • That bridge is just wonderful. I try to go there whenever I visit Rome.

  12. To answer your question, No! 🙂 Thanks for the wonderful collection.

    • Rome has so much to offer.

      • .. and then more on top of that.

  13. Gorgeous backdrops to gorgeous statues. Roma is my favorite city in the world.

    • It is difficult to pick favourite cities, but Rome would always be up there.

  14. Deb, beautiful sky, incredible city (we miss you!) and such wonderful photographs. Thank you, Carina

    • I love Rome. There is a never ending supply of incredible things to see.

  15. URK! I wouldn’t want to be the one to climb the ladder in the 6th photo!

  16. Terrific photos love the locations.

    • I had lots to choose from.

  17. Bright and beautiful!

    • Blue skies make everything look wonderful.

  18. Indeed it looks wonderful. Rome is one of my favorite cities. I love visiting this place.

    • Rome is one of the most interesting cities to wander in.

  19. We returned two weeks ago and I’m already missing it, despite everything.

    • There is a lot to miss in Rome.

  20. That lovely sunshine makes the city look so lovely.

    • It certainly helps.

  21. Hard to believe it’s November! Looks gorgeous.

  22. Now that’s an excellent elephant!

  23. No, it trul is a beautiful city .

  24. Nothing like blue skies with a few clouds to increase a photo’s dramatic power. Ist that a Christmas Tree?

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