Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 7, 2013

Ben’s Kosher Deli, New York

I always go to Ben’s Kosher Deli for lunch at least once when I am in New York. It is busy and fun and I like the food.






I usually order the chicken soup with matzo ball and it is delicious. A bowl with pickles and coleslaw arrives first.


A matzo ball is like a very large dumpling.


The overstuffed sandwiches are just that…overstuffed. I ordered the corned beef, but I have also had the pastrami on rye in the past and that is excellent as well…and the stuffed cabbage is delicious.


There is also a take away section, but I love the experience of eating in. The waiters are entertaining and to me it is seems an authentic New York thing to do.


Ben’s Kosher Deli…209 West 38th Street…between 7th and 8th avenues.


  1. Oh my goodness, that made me so homesick for NYC I can’t tell you!!! It has been years since I have had a good matzo ball soup.

    I love Eisenberg’s coffee shop by the Flatiron Building–that is my one NYC must, that and if I can, the lamb burger at the Breslin.

    • I wish I had known about the place near the Flatiron Building, I was in the area a few times…next time.

  2. That overstuffed sandwich is comical. And the pickles!!! Ah…how I miss good American kosher dills!!!!! I’ve recently found a supplier in Milan that supplies pickles to DENZEL…a kosher, Jewish-run hamburger joint in Via Washington. Do you know that place? Have a great stay in New York! I look forward to your return and the views from your Bagni di Lucca balcony.

    • I don’t know the place in Via Washington. I did go to Katz as well and there will be a post on that in the future.

  3. NYC delis are special!!!

    • They most certainly are. I have been to quite a few of them over the years. They don’t really have an equivalent anywhere else.

  4. I have been there with my daughter Alex when she was living in NYC! I love the pastrami sandwiches and matzo soup combo! It is the right place to have those treats!

    • I went to Katz as well, bur I prefer Ben’s.

  5. Now I suspect somewhere like this would do a fairly mean Reuben sandwich, which I have a particular soft spot for these days.
    And that sandwich you have pictured is very stuffed!

    • I have taken to ordering a half sandwich…a much better option.

  6. Lots of things to go to in a few weeks. Thanks!

    • I have spent a lot of time in New York and I know my way around, so I do see lots.

  7. Wow, what crazy (in a good way) ceilings and what an over-stuffed sandwich!

    • They are a bit different from the elegant little panini in Italy.

  8. I could not eat that sandwich on my own, but would give it a try, love Matzo Ball soup, keeps you going, you needed the sustenance walking all over NY.

    • The trick is to share the sandwich or order a half sandwich.

  9. It must smell fabulous in there too. Oh to be a fly on the wall and listen to the accents.

    • I go as much for the theatre as the food. I love it there.

  10. Hi Debra
    You sure do get around. Such a fabulous deli. Yum.

    • You shouldn’t miss Ben’s if you visit New York.

  11. Such a NY thing to do. Are you riding the sub way or are you walking everywhere?

    • I’m doing a bit of both. I am trying to cover as much territory as possible.

  12. Those sandwiches always surprise me with how full they are! And matzo ball soup is such a classic favourite for me 🙂

    • The meals are huge in lots of places in New York. I don’t know how people get through them.

  13. The matzo ball seems like a knödel! Does it taste the same?
    I’ve been to NYC once but at that time I didn’t heard about that.
    Thanks for sharing with us! Next time I’ll go to NYC I’ll definitely try that place!

    • The matzo ball is a bit dumpling like. I have tried knodel a couple of times and there is a similarity. I’m sure you will like Ben’s.

  14. I’ve never been to Ben’s Deli -from your photos it looks really ornate with much “gilt”.
    I also always order matza ball soup at Jewish delis. Deelish!

    • The chicken soup was delicious and quite possibly cures all ills.

  15. I have never been to the USA period and you are making me regret it very much 🙂

    • You must visit one day. America has lots of wonderful places to see.

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