Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 9, 2013

Rain, rain, go away

I am back from cold, wet New York to wet Bagni di Lucca.

I love the look of misty, rainy days here in Bagni di Lucca.









I love to see the raindrops on the bare branches, and the new buds waiting to be magnolias.




…and the shiny, wet leaves of the camellias.


But I am sick of the rain, a bit like this cat who is trying to decide whether his desire to be outside is worth the bother of wet feet.



There are signs on my balcony that spring is not far away. There are mini irises.


There is even a bee making its way up the stem of the new daffodils.



I want a sunny day so I can plant lovely pansies on my balcony and the bridge below…maybe tomorrow.

I have lots more to share from wonderful New York, so look out for posts from my visit over the next few weeks.


  1. So pleased you are back, we must have a coffee sometime. Gill Lets hope the rain stops soon!!

    • I am available any time for coffee, just ring my bell.

  2. Beautiful photos. It looks like Italy like California is beginning to feel the first effects of spring!

    • It doesn’t feel much like spring right now, but I know it isn’t far away.

  3. I’m afraid that it is going to keep on raining for a while…
    An old Italian proverb says:
    “Marzo pazzerello, guarda il sole e prendi l’ombrello”
    (Crazy March, look at the sun and take an umbrella)
    In any case, the photos are great. Thank you, Debra.
    Glad to hear that you are safely back at Ponte a Serraglio.

    • I know the rain is necessary, but it really is a bit dreary, and I want some sun.

  4. I agree ,It has been a wet year .Enough is enough! Rod

    • I can definitely see a bit of green coming through, the days are getting warmer…now if the rain would just stop.

  5. Oh gosh, just looking at your beautiful photos makes me very happy to be in a sunny warm place. We need the rain to be sure, and a day now and then when we can be cozy with a mug of tea and a good book is grand – but day after day? Non, grazie lo stesso! Hope the sun will soon shine for you and your pansies.

    • I know the sun will come out soon…I just know it.

  6. Congratulations Debra you manage to make wonderful fotos in any kind of weather. By the way the rain will last until wednesday next week…sorry

    • Just a few more days, I can wait.

  7. Rain here too in the Dolomites but more snow and a cold front next week. No daffodils in sight!

    • I think the cold will hit us here in Bagni di Lucca too…what can you do?

  8. There’s something very romantic about those photos.

    • I do love the winter landscape and the lovely wet days, but I am ready for some sun now.

  9. But at least there is Spring around the corner to look forward to, love Spring in your part of Europe. Cats and water don’t mix so once that cat ventures out all will be well.

    • I love spring here too and I am desperately looking for signs of life on the tree branches.

  10. We’re doing quite well with the rain in Brisbane Deb. it’s got to,the stage of everything starting to smell of mould!

    • I have heard that there has been lots of rain in Brisbane. Itt seems the whole world is wet right now.

  11. Seems like it is raining everwhere Debra. You have probably heard, it has been raining here since Australia day. I love the irises. They are my favourite flower along with gardenias.

    • Those irises are tiny, just a couple of inches high. The tall ones appear beside the road a bit later.

  12. Only you could make the rain look so beautiful, love. 🙂 xx

    • Our valley looks wonderful in the rain, but now I would like some sun.

  13. Don’t worry if you were in Brisbane it would be rain, rain and more rain!

    • It seems the rain is everywhere…it must end soon.

  14. Love it when you plant the pansies on the balcony and on the bridge. Also delighted to see those magnolia buds. That all means spring is on its way.

    • I am itching to get those pansies planted. Just a morning of sun will do.

  15. Beautiful images, it is not nice to be rain after rain, but gives you the opportunity to take these photos. 😉

    • We have had storms rumbling through the mountains. It is very dramatic weather.

  16. I wonder if that beautiful ginger pusscat did eventually venture outside. And such lovely spring blooms: blue, yellow, red, white, pink, in spite of the rain. The sun is shining here in downtown Brisbane which makes a pleasant change from weeks of rain. Spoke too soon, here comes the rain again! The “M” shaped turrets on that tower remind me of Verona.

    • That cute little tower was covered with vines for years and only appeared when the garden of Villa Fiori was cleaned up. I would like to know more about its history.

  17. I love they way you’ve captured the beauty of the hills through the mist Debra. Gorgeous photos.
    I’m learning a lot about Italy through reading your blog – I didn’t know you got so much snow over there.

    • We don’t get a lot of snow in the lower villages, but the mountains around us get regular snow in the winter months.

  18. I love those misty mountains. We could do with some misty rain right now in hot, hot, hot Adelaide. Love the rain drops on the daffodils and that tentative cat – could see its tail swaying in decision. Your photos are always beautiful, Debra. I smile often looking at them 🙂

  19. Lovely and evocative pics. ….on my scooter yesterday I felt I was riding through a tropical rain forest – even the temperature was mild!

    • The rain can be quite heavy at times and the temperture is quite good, but I think we are in for some cold weather later in the week.

  20. We are bracing ourselves for more cold stuff for the next few days, but I am going out to plant some seeds today anyway, prob in pots and into the coldframe. have a lovely Sunday Debra xx

    • We are expecting that cold front here too. I just need a dry day to plant my pansies. I don’t fancy standing in torrential rain to do it.

  21. I loved all these photographs… but you can guess which one is my best. Fascinated me, lovely one. Thanks and Love, nia

  22. Lovely to know you’re back safe and sound Deb – with lots of new memories to share. Enjoy the cosy while it lasts. I see rain clouds all over Italy right now.

  23. Well, that home in hillside caught my eyes because it is alike to my country Nepal. Now i miss my hometown by your pictures.

  24. The mist makes it so atmospheric. We could do with some rains, the mercury is beginning to rise, slowly but surely.

    • The mists make everything look beautiful, but a bit of sun would be nice now.

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