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The Top of the Rock

The GE building is an Art Deco skyscraper completed in 1933 and forms the centre piece of the Rockefeller Center in midtown Manhattan.


At the entrance is the frieze by Lee Lawrie…Wisdom.


There are 2 smaller ones on either side.



The interior of the building is stunning.





But the most popular reason to come to the building is to go to the top to the observation deck for a spectacular view over Manhattan and beyond…The Top of the Rock.

There is a history lesson on the way.


And then it is into the elevator to the observation deck. There are large glass panels to block the wind and to stop people falling off the edge, which offer unobstructed views of the city.






There is an escalator which takes you a bit higher.




…and a set of steps to go just a little bit higher.






When I left the building I returned to the footpath in front of a different building, I’m not sure how.


The visit to the observation deck costs $25 and is a great thing to do in New York.


  1. lots of childhood memories your pictures are provoking, Deb. <:-D

    • New York looks great from up there.

  2. Wonderful!

  3. Fabulous, Deb! I did wonder how far you had to back up to fit the entire building into that first photo! And love the frieze.. xx

    • I was a whole block away, on the footpath opposite Saks 5th Ave.

  4. Looks like you had the perfect day to see NYC from that great vantage point! Top of the Rock is one of my favorite places to go in NY!

    • It was a beautiful day. I would love to do it at sunset.

  5. Love your stunning pictures of the GE Building’s Art Deco architectural features, the geometric sculptures, an richly marbled halls reminiscent of the times of rich, carefree Bertie Wooster and his clever butler, Jeeves. From your bird’s eye view, Central Park looks enormous, a veritable garden of paradise surrounded by a concrete jungle. It’s interesting to see how New York grew from humble beginnings. The changing seasons in Central Park would look stunning from this vantage point.It’s interesting to see how New York grew from humble beginnings. I feel nostalgic to visit New York again.

    • I would love to see it all again in spring and autumn.

  6. Lovely pictures Debra! I don’t know if you remember but I did this when I was in NYC last September. My last pictures on the post was of me wearing the silly hat borrowed from the security guard! 🙂

    • I do remember that. The Security Guards were keeping their hats on in the freezing weather this time.

      • He He….glad you enjoyed your visit! 🙂

  7. Great pictures Debra. Hope you are having a wonderful time in New York.

    Certainly a wonderful city to visit.

    • I love New York and I am enjoying some lovely sunny days.

  8. Personally I prefer the Chrysler building , did you know the Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French ! They sponsored and supported the American ” Terrorists” in the War of Independence !

    • I like the Chrysler Building too, but you can’t climb to the top if that one as far as I know. I did know about the Statue of Liberty. I climbed that many years ago and looked out of her crown.

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    Nice remember my visit to New York

  10. Thats exciting just looking at the photos! What a fabulous building, interesting history too, and such an exciting City.

    • New York is an exciting city. It seems to have a life of its own. I have been to the top of the Empire State Building, but I think this is better.

  11. Omigod! To see you up and about in the U.S. of A. excites me so much. So many blogs I’ve seen about New York, and an Italian blogger impressed me so much from catching good views of the city’s overlooking cityscape. I can’t wait for my next views through this blog.

    • I was lucky to have such a good day for my trip to the top. A storm is approaching today and my flight may very well be cancelled.

  12. Debra – You are in NY? I thought Italy – missed something here.
    Your photos are stunning, but sadly I would never ever been able to go up there – Vertigo!!!! Have a great time.

    • I am in New York visiting my son, who is living on Long Island for a year. I love this city and it was an excellent reason for another trip here.

  13. A timeless masterpiece captured to perfection in your photos. Thank you, Debra.
    Oh! And there is a much smaller replica of the Statue of Liberty near the Seine that the French kept for themselves. Actually, the heavy debt incurred in helping to finance the American Revolution costed Louis XVI his head. It was not Marie Antoinette’s heavy spending…

    • I will look for the replica when I am next in Paris, thanks for the tip.

  14. Stunning pictures and makes me want to go back. Also makes me think of the power that such a building represents.

    It’s so very horizontal where I’m living – Veneto plains! Xcat

    • I think these buildings are incredible…but I hope Italy doesn’t get them any time soon.

  15. Great photos Debra! We enjoyed a similar great day when we visited a few years ago…the views and the building itself are magnificent!

    • This was my first time there…I don’t know why I waited so long, it’s great.

  16. These photos are just so good. I have enjoyed looking at them several times now.

    • New York is an amazing city.

  17. Wow … definitely Art Deco. Love the views … I just need to get to NYC more!

    • I love New York. The weather has been patchy, but we had a few nice days.

  18. Beautiful shots! This is one of my favorite views of the city. I like it better than the top of the Empire State Building. Did you get there?

    Sorry to hear that the weather didn’t cooperate but looks like you had a nice day during this excursion.

    • I had a few lovely days with blue skies and I made the most of them. I have been to the top of the Empire Stare Builidng a few times, and I agree with you that Top of the Rock is better.

  19. I have certainly enjoyed your tour through New York and Greenport. The best tour guide around. 🙂 From the window shopping to the parks…it has been lovely.

    • I have a few more posts on New York, there was much to see there.

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