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Chelsea Market New York

The weather was not the best on my arrival in New York so I tried to find undercover things to do. Since I was staying in the Chelsea area, the Chelsea Market was an obvious choice.

The market place is huge. It is in the old National Biscuit Company building which takes up 2 entire city blocks, bordered by 15th and 16th streets and 9th and 11th avenues. It is here that the famous Oreo cookie was invented and first produced.

The building has retained the feeling of a factory and many industrial components have been retained and new ones added.


The 9th Avenue entrance.

If you enter through the other side, you walk through a narrow entrance filled with old photos of the factory.





The little boy on the yellow raincoat features in many of the advertisements for the biscuit company.

Once past the narrow entrance the space opens up and either side is lined with galleries, food shops, restaurants and many other good things. The industrial theme continues.





Even the ATMs are industrial strength.


In the centre there are open tables of spices for sale…filling the space with heavenly smells.




Through the impressive lit arches there are places to sit…a little hard, but interesting.




A little further on there is an interesting water feature.



…and a directory.


Opposite was my favourite place for coffee.


Here are some of the other great things on offer.










I really liked this glass topped table.


…and the lift. (elevator if you are American)


There is even a little bit of Australia, in the form of Tuck Shop, selling delicious pies and sausage rolls.


At the moment there is a photographic exhibition throughout the market featuring dogs, called Best in Show by Dolly Faibyshev.





I found another reference to the boy in the yellow raincoat.


The Chelsea Market is a great place to go for breakfast, coffee, lunch…or just to get out of the cold and rain on a winter day in New York.


  1. Wow, now we know where to go to next time…

  2. Wow now we know where to go to next time…

    • I’m sure you would enjoy the market.

  3. What an amazing place, Debra. I can’t think why I’ve never been there on my many visits to New York. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

    • The markets are fun. I visit whenever I am in New York.Chelsea is one of my favourite areas.

  4. A most interesting place. And I love those dogs! Thank you, Debra! Looking forward to more NYC reports.

    • The photo exhibition was a lot of fun.

  5. Hope you have a great trip in NY.

    • I am now on Long Island for a few days. We even saw some sun yesterday.

  6. Debra, what an interesting place! Thank you for taking us there! I noticed the “Tuck Shop” on the signage as well, and thought, “oh, I didn’t know the Americans used that term as well”. Turns out they don’t – how nice to see a little place selling Lamingtons in the middle of New York! Loved the water feature, and the bread, and the Chinese dragon too! xx

    • I am always pleased to see little bits of Australia when I travel. Lamingtons need to be shared with the world.

  7. What a fab market – I’ll definitely take a look if I’m lucky enough to get back to NYC πŸ™‚

    • New York is such a great city, I hope you get back soon.

  8. Ahhh…home sweet home, sort of. I LOVE it! Thanks so much!

    • I love New York too.

  9. In all my visits to NY did not know of this, thank you will put on my Bucket List. Look forward to more posting in NY.

    • I thought Chelsea Market was well known. I have been several times.

  10. Great interior space Deb! Wish I was there on your trail! xx

    • I love all the old…and new, industrial bits.

  11. Wow what a fabulous collection of photos! It feels like I’m there! When were you in NYC?

    • I am in New York right now. I am on Long Island for a few days, visiting my son, and I will be back in the city next week for a couple of days before heading back to Italy.

      • Wonderful Debra!!! I didn’t know your son lived there. Hope the weather brightens up. I just love NYC!

  12. Thank you for the tour of the Chelsea markets they look wonderful, when I do that holiday in New York ! I will make sure I visit. I remember the Uneeda biscuit, and Oreo’s are a favorite for my son.

    • I hope you do visit the market. I’m sure you will enjoy your time there.

  13. looks so arty! great photos πŸ™‚

    • It is a very photogenic place.

  14. The dogs are so interesting looking! NY looks so vibrant and intriguing πŸ™‚

    • I think New York is the ultimate city. I love it!

  15. Great photographic tour of a place I’ve also never heard of. So now I know where Oreo cookies were born!

    • I didn’t know it was the birthplace of Oreo cookies until I read it on one of the information posters.

  16. What an awesome post. Loved the stores, the dogs, everything. I am hoping to get to NY this year so this could be a place for me to visit. Thank you for telling us about it, Lyn

    • Chelsea is a good area to stay in, with lots of great things close by.

  17. Fascinating place – and from the photo of the old building it was the most enormous biscuit factory!

    • It must have churned out a lot of biscuits. I think it is interesting that they were called biscuits and not cookies.

  18. Thank you! You’ve put this distracted writer in a New York frame of mind. Lovely shots and a great day no doubt Xcat

    • Despite the weather I am having a great time in New York.

  19. Nice Market and traditional.

    • There is a great selection of things to buy at the market.

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  21. I was just in NY-wish our paths could have crossed. Have fun!

    • What a pity you weren’t here this week.

  22. So glad you’re enjoying your trip here in NYC. Did you have a favorite shop in the Chelsea Market besides the coffee? There are so many delicious food offerings there.
    Hope the rest of your trip is going well.

    • Sarabeth’s is pretty good, except for the coffee, which is awful. The kitchen shop is full of wonderful things to buy and there is an excellent cheese shop at the market. The weather is horrible and I keep hoping for an improvement. I am now on Long Island and I am looking forward to seeing more of this gorgeous area.

      • Looks like the weather is clearing up for you! I’ve requested better weather for the rest of your visit. πŸ™‚

  23. OMG I was there 8 months ago same place and shot the same yellow guy in his uniform.This place is certainly a great photo op and has great food. Thanks for sharing

    • I liked the little boy in his yellow coat. I also like the way they have kept the history of the place alive.

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