Posted by: Debra Kolkka | February 22, 2013

A whiter shade of pale…and a camel

Flying over the Alps is always wonderful, even on a cloudy day when the peaks are not all that clear.



Soon Germany came into view, with its lovely patchwork landscape.





I had to change planes in Munich for New York and I noticed this camel.


Cigarette companies have so few places to advertise, they are getting creative. No doubt they are paying plenty to have this named smoking area at the airport. How embarrassing to have to stand in a glass case to have a puff…and desperate. I am so glad I have never smoked.


The next post really will be from New York.


  1. That is so pathetic that little box. I’m with you. Glad I don’t have to go there. The Alps are spectacular aren’t they? I always love seeing them when I’m on my way back from the States, pink in that early morning after-the flight-back night. Have a good safe trip and say hello to my country for me. And if you’re ever in the neighborhood of Murray Hill, wave at Mom, would you?

    • I am staying for a couple of days in Chelsea and then Long Island. I know Murray Hill, I have stayed there a couple of times…a great area of New York.

  2. So you’re on your way…I was thinking of you today, but not imagining this! Take care in NYC Deb. Looking forward to seeing it through your lens….

    • It is cold in New York, but not too bad. I have spent my first day walking all over the city.

  3. Have a nice and safe trip, Debra. We all look forward to reading your New York reports… and the photos, always delightful.

    • I have already covered a fair bit of territory in New York…all good.

  4. So much snow! And glassed-in smoking boxes are entirely gross. They even have them in IKEA here! Enjoy New York and I’m also looking forward to your photo reportage Xcat

    • I love New York and I am looking foresees to doing lots of walking.

  5. In the second last photo, perhaps the sign next to the camel should say “100 years of lung cancer” !

    • I think you are correct!

  6. My very first view of Europe in 1999 was when I woke up on the plane, looked out the window and there they were…covered in February snow. And in half an hour Italy!

    • I have taken better photos of the Alps on a clear day, but I thought they looked beautiful in the mist and clouds.

      • Yes they do! That is how they looked when I first saw them.

  7. Beautiful photos Debra! My word I’m at a loss for a word to describe the photos of the snow out the window.
    I too am grateful I never smoked.

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday in NYC 😀

    • I love New York and am looking forward to a couple of weeks here.

  8. That’s quite a sight, beautiful!

    • The Alps are stunning…in any weather.

  9. great photos from the plane! Having never been, I am looking forward to the photos from New York.

    • I am working on New York right now.

  10. I wonder how a cigarette company can get away with the bold statement- ‘inspiring creativity’? How does that go hand in hand with inhaling toxic fumes?
    Hope NYC is treating you beautifully Debra.

    • I thought that was a bit rich too.

  11. I hope you have a great time in New York.

    • The weather hasn’t been the best, but it has been fun to catch up with my son,

  12. Hoping you are having a wonderful time in NYC with your son!

    • It is a great city to wander in, despite the rain.

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