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Beautiful music in Lucca

Last night we went to a wonderful concert in Lucca, held in the magnificent Oratory degli Angeli Custodi.



The series of concerts is the brainchild of the very talented Mattia Campetti. He was born in Lucca and studied at the university of Pisa and the School of Opera and theatre in Bologna. He discovered the beautiful oratory when he first sang there as a student. It has been a labour of love to get the concerts underway.

Mattia Campetti

With the help of a group of wonderful young musicians, Mattia presented a delightful evening of music from opera and musical theatre. We heard favourites from Puccini, Verdi, Mozart, Bernstein, Rogers and others. It helps that that they were all extremely good looking and clearly delighted to be performing for us.










The oratory was full and the enthusiasm and delight of the performers was reciprocated by the audience. We wanted them to sing all night.

I met Mattia and several of the performers who were happy to stay and chat to the people who lingered behind. Michelle, the beautiful soprano comes from Melbourne, the very handsome and charming Gaetano comes from Sydney, the gorgeous basso, Roberto, comes from Lucca. I wish I had met them all.

It was a delightful evening and you should all go… often as you can. I’ll be back next week, and the one after. The concerts will be held every Tuesday and Friday night and every third Sunday of the month there will be contemporary music and will continue until September. Each concert will have a different program…go to their website for details.

To see more information go to ……


What a beautiful couple.

The oratory is in Via degli Angeli Custodi. Look for the sign.



  1. Beautiful voices and music leave such an impression don’t they! Just like that beautiful ceiling!

    • The voices fill this beautiful place and make your spine tingle.

  2. The music seems to be a perfect match for the setting.

    • It is a gorgeous space and the musicians were all wonderful.

  3. Green with envy!!!!!

    • You will just have to come back.

  4. Beauty in every corner – enchanting photos of the singers, Debra. Those faces could easily fit into a Renaissance painting.

    • They are a very beautiful group of people…..talented too.

  5. Debra I was enchanted with Lucca. When we were there in May we also attended a Puccini concert near the Cathedral…..but I want to return and go to these concerts also!

    • The Puccini concerts are also excellent, but you must come back to Lucca for these concerts too.

  6. I will definitely be attending some of these Debra. Thank you for those details. What a setting and what beautiful looking singers.

    • I will leave a list of events in the apartment for you.

  7. My group attended a concert here a few weeks ago. I missed it unfortunately -we met the charming Mattia one day as we strolled down the street and stopped to listen to the singing inside. He came out and told us all about the concerts.

    • Mattia is very charming and he is doing a wonderful job with the concerts.

  8. Gorgeous venue and gorgeous singers! Will have to try and get to one of these concerts, thanks for the tip!

    • It’s great…tell all your visitors.

  9. Italy needs some beautiful music about now. Thanks for sharing this, Deb!

    • Italy certainly needs some light relief. The earthquake was not all that far from here. I didn’t feel the shaking, but something fell off my wall and several people felt the movement….to close for comfort.

  10. Lucca is one of the loveliest cities in the world. I spent a few weeks there many years ago and had the privilege of singing in a concert in a church that had been converted into a concert space. This brought back many wonderful memories, and how wonderful to know that musicians are still performing in this beautiful place – thank you, Debra!

    • Mattia has been responsible for organizing the concerts. He has done a great job.

  11. Grazie Debra, bellissimo post!

    • Have you been? It would be a good thing to send your students to.

  12. Beautifyl venue! The setting has to make the music even more magical!

    • This is the one Heather told us about. I finally got there and it was great.

  13. What a great ambience to sing there… I loved it. Wonderful photographs. Thank you, love, nia

    • I’m sure it must make a difference to the singers to perform in such a gorgeous place.

  14. What a superb evening Debra! The setting looks as beautiful as the music….

  15. Lovely pictures I almost felt I could hear the music.

    • All of the singers had wonderful voices and the venue made it even better.

  16. It was only last week that we were in Lucca, nearing the end of our 26 day stay in Bagni di Lucca. I am now back at my desk in Sydney wishing we were back there!!

    It was great to catch up with you during our stay and as we mentioned to you it was this blog that initially attracted our attention and resulted in our first visit in January 2011. This time we used your blog, and the “From a Tuscan Villa” blog, to plan the many trips we made during our stay. Thankyou again for your help. Keep up the great work! Also thankyou to Caroline and Rod from Villa Rosalena for their assistance and advice during our stay.

    We are spreading the word about this fantastic region and we will return!

    Sue and Alan

    • Tell everyone! Bagni di Lucca is a beautiful place to visit.

  17. I can’t believe I missed this! I was in Lucca on e 31st, even wrote a post about it. Small world!

    • The concerts have just begun and are going to run all through summer……lucky Lucca

  18. It seems like a wonderful place to visit!
    Love your photos, as always.

    • It’s great, we have been back and it was just as good the second time.

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