Posted by: Debra Kolkka | January 13, 2013

Double Shot of delicious

There is a wonderful cafe in New farm here in Brisbane called Double Shot. Everything is prepared on the premises by the delightful owners Ross and Michael…and it is all delicious.

On a recent visit I sneaked up on some meals at nearby tables to gather these photos for you.


I’m definitely having those scrambled eggs next time.





The coffee is excellent and the service is friendly…and those cakes!!!

Unfortunately they have been closed for a Christmas break and I will miss out on another visit before I leave for Italy. I will have to wait until June. Sometimes life can be difficult.

Double Shot…125 Oxlade Drive, New Farm. (07) 3358 6556


  1. I will visit on your recommendation of course, love every dish just on looks alone.

    • The food is very good. I like the fact that they make all their cakes themselves.

  2. the food looks delicious. could be a good place to meet when you are back chris:)

    • That is a great idea.

  3. The tarts look delicious. Shame I don’t live in Brisbane…. I’d love a sweet treat right now!!

    • The cakes and tarts are very good indeed.

  4. Superbly mouth-watering!!!!

    • It is always difficult to choose which one to have.

  5. I’m coming just for the cakes!

    • It would be a long trip…but worth it.

  6. This looks like the sort of place I would love and excellent coffee too! What a shame that it could be some years before I get to Brisbane.

    • We have very good restaurants here…you would not be disappointed.

  7. Oh my goodness!! Delicious on so many levels 🙂

    I hope you don’t mind if I reblog your link on my reblog page

    • Reblog away…thank you for asking.

  8. That hunger to see these pictures

    • There are so many wonderful places in Milano to have coffee… I love Milano.

  9. And they used to own the fab restaurant in Byron Bay – The Dish

  10. I’d love to taste the blueberry tart.

    • The blueberry tart is excellent.

  11. Did i hear the sound of a stamped foot when you said ” sometimes life can be difficult”?

    • Did you hear it all the way from Manly?

  12. Hehe you are too funny! Did you really ask other people if you could take pics of their food? Love it! 😛

    • It saves me eating everything on the menu and most people don’t mind if you ask nicely.

  13. Never too much dessert.

  14. That is going on the list for my next ladies day of shopping and eating in Brisbane, thankfully its not too far away 🙂

    • I think it is closed Mondays, you maybe should ring first.

  15. Gorgeous! We used to visit my gran in New Farm. Bet it’s all changed! Ciao catinitaly

    • New Farm has changed incredibly in the last few years. It is a beautiful suburb and fortunately there are still lots of lovely old houses there.

  16. I should be able to give it a try soon. I’ll be in Brisbane working at the Powerhouse at the end of the month. Will you have left for Italy by then?

    • You will be quite close to Double Shot at the Powerhouse. Unfortunately I leave for Italy tomorrow. I would love to have joined you for coffee…and a tart.

  17. Most certainly those divine looking tarts for me 😀

    • They taste as good as they look.

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