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Main Beach – my old stamping ground

the delightfully named Aloha Lane

We moved to Main Beach on the Gold Coast in 1957, when I was 4.  We lived at 3546 Main Beach Pde, between Aloha Lane and Breaker St.  Growing up at the beach in the 1950s and 1960s would have to be the best thing that could have happened to a kid. Parents were not overprotective with their children as they are now, and we ran wild on the beach when we weren’t at school.

Our well worn track to the beach – it is still there!

In the school holidays we would have breakfast, then we would be off to the beach until lunchtime.  Lunch would be gobbled down and back we went, rain or shine.  Of course when we were very young Mum came with us, but I remember best the times when I was alone or with my friends in the surf or scouring the beach for treasures.  There were always treasures to be found, particularly after heavy seas, when all sorts of things would be washed up.  We found endless dentures, sunglasses, coins (the favourite) and thongs.

today’s treasure from the sea

There was also this huge jellyfish – note my green thongs for a size comparison

a more scientific treasure hunter

a much bigger one

These were the days before sunblock.  All we had was pink zinc, which would bubble on our noses and cheeks.  We hated it, and despite Mum’s warnings that we would be sorry, we tried to get out without the dreaded zinc or a hat, which was considered uncool.  I spent many days in the school room peeling skin from my nose and shoulders.  I do regret the lack of sunscreen, but I wouldn’t change those beach days for anything.

I still love the beach, and we have an apartment at Main Beach less than a block from where our old  house once stood.  We don’t get there often enough.  Main Beach has changed.  There are high rise buildings now instead of fibro cottages and Tedder Ave is full of restaurants and shops.

the high rise apartments where our house once stood

Tedder Ave has shops and restaurants – there used to be 1 corner store

Even the beach has changed.  When we first went to the coast there was a row of sandhills in front of our house.  Numerous cylcones changed that and the beach is constantly changing with different weather conditions.

erosion caused by big seas

hardy plants are used to help hold the sand in place

I think it looks great as well as being effective against wind erosion

The surf is always there, however, and I love nothing more than diving into that first wave of the day. It feels just as good as when I was 10.  I don’t stay there all day as I used to.  I am now heeding my mother’s warnings.  I go early in the morning before the sun is too strong, I wear sunblock and I wear a hat.

Nothing beats diving into those waves

…..and I swim between the flags

I intend to leave lots more of these at Main Beach

Our apartment is at Norfolk apartments on the corner of Breaker St and Main Beach Parade.  It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and is available for rent.  Check out the website


  1. Thanks for the marvellous pictures of Aloha Lane and Main Beach. You’ve just brought back such wonderful childhood memories for me, Deb – playing with you Kolkka kids was such fun in those days! Queensland Beaches are the best in the world! Love your footprint on the sand and your subtle humour of the ‘treasure hunters’.

  2. Just loved the pictures – I so miss the Australian beaches. As you know I grew up in Adelaide and lived at West Beach and then Glenelg. I miss my early morning walks along the beach and yes I too remember my Mother saying “put a hat on Pam”

  3. Beautiful, even though we never lived at the beach – we lived in inner city Brisbane, I remember spending virtually every Sunday there in the Summer. We would drive down in the beige Kingswood at 6am and drive back @ 4pm – falling asleep in the car to 1970’s Greek folk music- with no seat belts.
    Some of the best years of my life…

  4. Being a country kid, beach time was strictly twice a year holiday time when we’d travel to Qld and visit relatives at Hervey Bay. Id not been back for years and discovered a similar scene, our old holiday house was now a massive apartment, but the beach looked a wonderful as I remember it.
    Main Beach looks pretty good to me.

  5. Love the footnote.

  6. Oh I just love this article and can identify with it all, except that we never owned a place. I wish my parents had bought at Mermaid Beach in the 60s where we holidayed every year ! My father has photos of Main Beach where he went as a young man, – was there a bridge then? – shacks, lots of sand, the old costumes – I should show you the photos some time.

    • The old Jubilee Bridge was there until about 1967-68. The highway was always so busy before that. The day the new bridge opened – bypassing Main Beach – my brother pushed our baby brother down the road in his stroller in front of our house in the middle of the road. We loved being cut off from the coast traffic, although we did enjoy sitting on the verandah on Sunday afternoon and laugh at the bumper to bumper traffic heading back to Brisbane.

  7. Goodness me that is a giant jellyfish! I’m glad you put the thongs next to them to show us a size comparison! 😮

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  9. Wow, Debra, this looks like a truly amazing beach. What a wonderful place to grow up. Thanks so much for mentioning this on my blog! Would you mind stopping back by with the other link?

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  13. Pretty lucky, Debra, growing up at Main Beach. A bit warmer, I think, than Victoria’s Gippsland.

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