Posted by: Debra Kolkka | January 11, 2013

It’s hot!

We are having a heatwave in parts of Australia right now. We expect it to be hot in the middle of summer, but temperatures have been very high for days now. There are dreadful bushfires in many places and people have lost their homes to raging fires. Let’s hope there is some relief soon. A cool change and some rain would be good.

While we wait all we can do is find ways to keep cool.


The surf would be a good place to be….or a shady place by the river.



Those pelicans must be hot.


But they do get a good view.


If that is all too much, you could just have a slice of watermelon straight from the fridge.


…or a mango.


Summer does have its benefits.


As the sun disappears, look for a cool balcony with a view.





We can smell smoke in the air from fires burning north of the city. It is hard to believe that 2 years ago this week Brisbane city was devastated by floods. Click here to see a post I wrote at the time about the rising water. I did a series of posts about the flooding and the clean up. It was a difficult time.


  1. I have the AC on as I write this! Its a shame with the bushfires, fortunately there are none in Sydney. How is it going in Brisbane?

    These photos are refreshing and make me thirsty!


    • There are fires on Bribie Island to the north of the city. I don’t think property has been damaged at this stage, but the air is very smokey.

  2. We have been watching the Australian bush fires on the news here. It is so scary and devastating to see. Our summer has been hot, but nothing like you’re experiencing, so thankfully not as many fires here.

    Stay cool!!!

    • It is just about impossible top stay cool unless you plant yourself in air conditioning somewhere…a good time to go to the movies. I feel for the people who have lost everything in this disaster.

  3. ahhh good old Brisbane!

    • Good old Brisbane is too hot for me right now.

  4. It’s rather scary just how bad the weather/fires are getting, reading about it in all the papers over here in n.z – hope all is well. stay safe. xxx

    • Brisbane is OK, but lots of other places have been hit very badly.

  5. Stay cool … then again, the coolness of the winter air in the Bagni valley will be more than relief!

    • I am really looking forward to heading out next week. Snowy Helsinki is looking good, and of course Bagni di Lucca wil be cold…lovely.

  6. Dear Debra, I watched on television news last night, scared me. And I thought all my blogger friends in there… Not easy summer days, take care and stay cool, as always you did great shots, it is so nice to watch them now for us while we are living in the winter days 🙂 Thank you have a nice weekend, love, nia

    • There are some terrible fires in the south of Australia. Let’s hope we get some relief with the weather soon.

  7. Heat wave in the Southern hemisphere, freezing in the North. And we have the norovirus, the flu and other nasties to endure. I envy you!

    • I hope you are feeling much better soon…see you in Bagni di Lucca.

  8. Gorgeous summer fruit. I’m salivating. Stay cool!

    • I just love mangoes. I have to eat lots in the next few days before I head off to Italy again.

  9. I just read another blog post about the extreme weather around the world. It is scary to see the changes in the weather trends. Keep safe Debra!

    • These temperatures are not all that unusual for this time of the year in Australia. Our summers can be very hot.

  10. Debra – We were in Australia this time last year and watched news about fires in NSW. We’re in Central America this winter, now in Belize, where the weather has been windy, overcast, and rainy. Hoping for a break when we get to Costa Rica and Panama in weeks to come. Freezing temperatures and snow in CA.

    • I am actually loking forward to the cold weather in Bagni di Lucca. You can always put another coat on, but there is only so much you can take off.

  11. Yep , its going to be very hot in Sydney today, roasting , and Im working till noon !!
    I will be of to the beach after that for a swim. Around 5 pm planning an Aperol spritz or two.

    • Aperol spritz sounds good!

  12. I had read in the papers about the heat wave and the fires. It so sad when people loose their homes. I hope some rain and cooler weather comes soon.

    • Fire is so destructive. When our house flooded 2 years ago at least it was able to be repaired.

  13. Ohh…how I wish I could click my fingers and be back under the australian sun, just for a day! (Minus the heat though)
    Lovely, photos! And that fruit… Mouth watering!

    • You have your compensations over there…but that fruit is so good.

  14. I remember arriving in Adelaide three years ago today and it was 43 degrees — it was awful. So, now, back in the US when I see temps in the high 40s and low 50s in Oz, I can’t imagine it! A new color on the weather map — egads! I’m so sorry about the bush fires and devastation. Steph

    • 43 is normal for Adelaide in the summer…yuk! I hate to be hot.

  15. That watermelon looks delicious right now… and the sea… this summer has been ridiculous!

    • The heat this year is too much for me. It has put me off ever being here in January again.

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  17. It’s been so hot, Deb! Hope you’re all ok.. xx

    • It’s horrible! I can’t stand this heat. The bushfires have not come too close to the city, but some parts of Australia are in a terrible state. Let’s hope we get a cool change and some good rain soon.

      • Raining in Sydney right now Deb, and it was cold in Melbourne this morning. So hopefully a cool change is on its way to you..

      • I hope the rain is on its way. Melbourne weather is nuts. I love the place, but we were there once and it was 45 degrees one day, still 30 degrees at midnight and 14degrees the next day.

  18. We’re fortunate that we have a cool change and at the moment all the windows are open and I’m loving that breeze!

    • Lucky you! I hope that cool change is on its way here.

  19. Beautiful pictures 🙂

  20. Very cool pics, Debra. Hope the rains come soon. 🙂

    • I am now freezing in Helsinki, so the heat is a distant memory.

      • 😆

  21. Lovely photos of Brisbane…I’ve been back nearly a year, and this reminds me of many reasons I returned.

    • I love Brisbane too, but not in summer…too hot for me, which is why I am in lovely Bagni di Lucca until the end of May when Brisbane becomes perfect.

  22. Sounds bad Debra! I can’t believe there are places on this earth that are hotter than where I live! Very pleasant 30s weather here at the moment 🙂

    • Weather extremes seem to be the norm now. I would rather be cold than hot.

  23. You talked about hot day … and OH SNAP! … watermelon and mango. So perfect!

    • There are some compensations for hot weather, but I would rather have the mango and watermelon without the heat.

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