Posted by: Debra Kolkka | January 15, 2013

I’m going to miss this!

It will be Australia Day soon…26th January. I am leaving for Italy tomorrow so I won’t be here to enjoy the festivities, one of which is the annual cockroach races at the Story Bridge Hotel.



The Story Bridge Hotel is in the shadow of the Story Bridge and has been holding cockroach races for 31 years…an event not to be missed if you are in Brisbane on 26th January. Train up your cockroaches and be there.

I will soon be back in gorgeous Bagni di Lucca and some delicious cold weather. I will be stopping over in Hong Kong and Helsinki on the way and I will post photos from these 2 great cities.


  1. Cockroach races! I’d love to see more about this! I remember the huge sleek ones we had in Sydney. Great racing machines I imagine. Safe trip! Ciao catinitaly

    • I have not actually been to the cockroach races, but I have seen them on TV…and toad races. It is all good fun.

  2. Ahhh, missed having lunch with you. Sorry. So busy redecorating the big house to get it on the market. Painting like a mad woman. Making curtains etc. etc. Next time you are here, I may be living elsewhere. 😉
    P.S. No cockroaches here. LOL.

    • Good luck with your house…and I am glad you have no cockroaches.

  3. You will be in Italy I will be here at Kangaroo Point so will be able to give you some feedback about Australia day but maybe not about cockroaches- this has been such a hot month bet they are awful big things this year.

    • You could just about see those races from your place. Have fun!

  4. Have a nice trip… the cockroach affair is not for me… 😉

    • I’m not sure I would like to be handling them, but it could be fun to watch.

  5. Be sure to hunt down my new home in Bagni !
    Ciao and safe traveling !

    • I will go to the house again, and if I get nowhere I will try an agent…and I will have a glass of vino rosso for you at the bar.

  6. Have a great trip! I will see you in Bagni.

    • I look forward to a coffee at Il Monaco.

  7. Deb, safe travels, lets Skype when u settle in bagni, am booked for April.

    • I will let you know when I arrive. I should be in BdL by the afternoon of 21st Jan.

  8. Now that is one event I wouldn’t mind missing. Safe travels.

    • I’m nit squeamish at all about cockroaches. I think it would be fun.

  9. Have a good trip Debra

    • Thank you, I’m sure it will be an adventure.

  10. Have a safe trip …. and I look forward to more reports from Bagni!

    • Thank you, I can’t wait to get to lovely Bagni di Lucca.

  11. Cockroach races! Happy Australia day (in advance) and Bon Voyage.

    • Thank you, I am sorry to miss Australia Day, but the heat was really getting to me.

  12. Have a safe trip. Hopefully this year we can meet in Bar Italia for a glass of Prosecco.

    • I will be in the village from 21st January until the end of May. I hope we can catch up.

  13. Hmmm. Cockroach races. How big are these cockroaches? Can you saddle them? 😉 I saw lots of monster cockroaches when I lived in Japan. Even so, I think I might go and watch cockroach races once, just to say I had done it!

    • Cockroaches can be quite big. I really will have to see a cockroach race at least once in my life.

  14. Safe travels, Debra and we’ll be anxious to enjoy the journey with you. I’m wondering if you’ve ever calculated how many miles you’ve traveled so far. It has to be astronomical!

    • I haven’t thought about adding up the kilometres, it should be interesting.

  15. Your travel schedule makes me head spin. Seems you’ve just left and you’re coming back…where do you spend more time now, on balance? Are you considering Italian citizenship? Wow.

    • I spend about 6 months in Australia and Italy. I am not sure that I would qualify for Italian citizenship, but it would certainly save the bother of getting visas when I am in Italy more than 3 months at a time.

  16. Safe journey Debra. x

    • Thank you, I hope to see you in Italy one day soon.

  17. Enjoy the journey over and see you in Italy!

    • I look forward to it.

  18. Awesome event! Sorry you will miss it — but Italy, clearly is worth it! Safe travels. Cheers, Steph

    • It does seem a shame to miss the cockroach races, but Bagni di Lucca calls.

  19. Safe travels Debra-can’t wait to hear more from Bagni di Lucca.

    • I am very keen to get back to Bagni di Lucca and keep working on our house in the mountains.

  20. I will celebrate for you here in Abu Dhabi…the hotel where I’m staying is hosting Australia Day on the 25th. I’ll drink one in honor of you! LOL!

    • How curious they would celebrate Australia day!

  21. Ha ha, the things we Australians do 🙂 I haven’t ever seen cockroach races, but I have had the joy(?) of being at a tavern when cane toad races were underway. Happy and safe travels to Italy!

    • I haven’t been either, but I’m sure it is a lot of fun.

  22. You should catch how they train the cockroaches for the race. 😆

    • I’m not sure that cockroaches have very large brains. I think they are just put in narrow lanes and the trainers hope they go forward at speed.

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