Posted by: Debra Kolkka | April 12, 2012

The fisher boy


My favourite piece in the Bargello Museum in Florence was Il Pescatore….The Fisher Boy, by Vincenzo Gemito. When it was exhibited in Paris in 1877 it made the sculptor famous all over the world.

I love the look of concentration on the boy with his fish….and the eyelashes.




Isn’t he lovely?


  1. Yes, the fisher boy is lovely, Debra! I appreciate the artistic details shown on Vincento Gemito’s sculpture through your keen photographic lens. Not many people would be able to work on a piece of bronze or marble in this way; so, it’s wonderful we mere mortals get to appreciate those works of art over the years. Everyday folk make interesting subjects!

    • I love this sculpture. I will be back to visit him soon.

  2. It is a beautiful sculpture, with so much detail that shows through your photos. I love Gemito,s work, in particular the other neapolitan boy’s sculpture, L’Aquaiolo or the Water Carrier at the Or say Museum in Paris, but my favourite one is the Medusa at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. A great artist!

    • I haven’t seen his other work. I will look for it.

  3. Oh, he’s beautiful!

    • I thought he was lovely.

  4. I’ve been looking forward to seeing the whole thing Debra! He is beautiful and so caught up with his fish. Such a contemporary feel to the work too. Say hello to him for me next time you visit!

    • I will speak to him for you when I go next time.

  5. It is beautiful indeed! And such details too (like the eyelashes as you mentioned) 🙂

    • Those eyelashes are so long!

  6. The detail is just incredible – I especially love how Gemito sculpted his sea-soaked hair!

    • I thought he was very lifelike.

  7. Wow, what a gorgeous sculpture. Look at his little fingers and toes!

  8. I love sculpture! I especially love the Musee Rodin in Paris! It is one of my favorite places yet Italy of course has tons of amazing museums and sculptures to adore!

    • Florence alone has enough to keep you occupied for years.

  9. I love how you made it intricate, getting down to detail.
    It should be more famous than the peeing baby of Brussels.

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