Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 29, 2012

Goodbye Casa Debbio

I went to Casa Debbio today for a final visit before I leave for Australia. I have nothing much to show you that you haven’t seen already. A few small things have been done, the dishwasher is now working, there have been a few final things done in the kitchen, the terra cotta floor has been sealed, we have railings on the back terrace…..not very photogenic.

The view from the house is spectacular, so I will show you some of the photos I took on my various visits to Casa Debbio.























We had snow in the mountains around us last night, making everything look even more beautiful.















When I come back in January the landscape will be different again…..I can’t wait.

Goodbye Casa Debbio.



  1. You are right Deb…Your views are awesome!!! Have a safe trip back to Australia!

    • Thank you. Fortunately I love Australia too.

  2. Deb, it is just such an idyllic spot! I’m sure you’re going to miss it when you’re back here.. xx

    • It is gorgeous in the mountains….and so quiet. I have enjoyed my time at the house. Next year we will be staying there for a couple of months while we work on the garden.

  3. beautiful, just beautiful. Have a good trip back. It would be great to catch up if you have the time when you come back Debra. Lyn

    • I will be home for a couple of months, so there will be time to meet for coffee.

  4. Its always sad to leave a place you love, but welcome home to the other land you love…. Looking forward to catching up. Ciao and happy travels homeward bound. Kirsi

    • I’ll be home on Melbourne Cup day…..put on a bet for me.

  5. Deb – felt a twinge and a sigh when I saw the photos just wanted to cooooeeee – travel safe – see you in Aus – Helen

    • I think your coooeee is still echoing through the mountains.

      • Your photos are awesome Debra…. It would be nice to have another catch up next year, I’ll be back in Italy end of February. I have news. In the meantime, welcome back to Brisvegas, the weather has been spectacular lately.

      • I will be back in Bagni di Lucca in late January. I look forward to coffee together.

  6. Gorgeous shots 🙂

    • Thank you, I could look at that ever changing view all day.

  7. Oh, you’re getting ready to leave. That has to be bitter-sweet. I know how it feels to have two homes. The view from the house is STUNNING, Deb! Simply stunning!

    • I always hate leaving here…..but I know I will be back soon….and I love Brisbane too.

  8. Debra we are back home now as well. Loved catching up with you and hope to see you in Italy again.

    • I will be home next week. I leave here tomorrow, go to Florence, then Rome, Helsinki, Hong Kong and home. It was great fun to meet all of you and I hope to do so again soon.

  9. Thank you very much for all the interesting posts since (and before) you recently returned to BDL. I’m delighted to hear that you are returning early in the new year because your posts and photos keep those of us who can’t get back to BDL so soon, with ‘a toe in the water’ so to speak. Beautiful views from your lovely house, which I am sure will soon be everything you want it to be.

    • I have enough posts in reserve to keep the blog going until I return, when I will be back out there with my camera.

  10. Spectacular views indeed!

    • The view is stunning and different every day. I love it there.

  11. the views and sceneries are amazing

    • Vergemoli is a gorgeous village and the mountains around us are stunning.

  12. some beautiful light in those shots! Safe flight home!

    • We have had some dramatic weather here is the last few weeks. I had to keep stopping the car on the way back from Vergemoli just to look at the mountains in the afternoon light. My camera is playing up, so the photos are not as good as they should be.

  13. It must be lovely and soul-restoring to look at those views every day. Safe journey back to Australia.

    • The sun was shining over the mountains some of the time I was there and it was glorious…but I also love the misty days.

  14. Have a nice trip back Debra! And thankd again for your visit to my show at Aldobrandesca Fortress. I’m just returned from Amiata Mount where I saw that “Corriere di Siena” newspaper wrote about your post!!! I’ll send it to you very soon! Have a great day!

    • I really enjoyed my visit to your exhibition, and meeting you was very special. I look forward to seeing the newspaper article.

  15. Have a safe journey back. We will see you next year!

    • Thank you. I look forward to our next coffee and chat.

  16. Wonderful views, I envy you but mine aren’t too bad in Umbria. Safe journey back to Oz.

    On a boring but practical note… do you know what your cotto tiles were sealed with? I spent a week scouring & de-grotting mine last month, so I guess they now need re-sealing?

    • I’m not sure of the brand, but it was a varnish, not wax. I have yet to see how effective it is….time will tell.

  17. what a beautiful variable sky. so dramatic. like having a movie play before your eyes at all times. and all you have to do is sit back and marvel at its constant change.

    • Who needs TV when you have these mountains?

  18. I can’t believe that the clouds are so close! 😮 I still think clouds are made out of cotton wool 😛

    • Today we are back to clouds and threatening rain…just as well I went up to the house yesterday.

  19. Save travels back to Australia … and your return trip to here. Thanks for sharing the joys of your place here.

  20. I can’t believe there was snow there! Seems the weather is just acting a bit crazy everywhere this week. Must be a result of this crazy Hurricane Sandy that hit NY and the upper East coast last night…safe travels and love the photos.

  21. wonderful photographs… fascinated me. Thank you dear Debra, love, nia

    • Thank you….it is a gorgeous place.

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