Posted by: Debra Kolkka | November 2, 2012

Farewell Florence

I had a rainy, cold afternoon and night in Florence on my home. I am rarely in Florence at night, so it was a treat, despite the rain.

I stayed at the very nice Hotel Minerva in Piazza Santa Maria Novella. My room had a balcony overlooking the piazza and this was part of my view as well.


I walked around the city and visited some of my favourite things.





The next morning blue sky was trying to break through, with mixed success.





Perhaps Neptune’s stern look brought on the blue sky.


Dolce and Gabbana had some beautiful things in their windows.



The bronze doors on the baptistery opposite the duomo have been recently cleaned. They are copies of the originals, but wonderful anyway.


The Arno never disappoints, even when full of muddy water after the heavy rain.





Farewell Florence….until next time.


  1. What a fantastic city. I love that place.

    • Florence is wonderful. I have been dozens of times and I never tire of it.

  2. Wawww, so romantic! Thanks for sharing Deb!

    • It is a beautiful city, and so lovely at night.

  3. WOW! How beautiful your photographs, they all fascinated me once again. But especially these windows of D&G, I loved this white lace dress. Thank you dear Debra, have a nice weekend, love, nia

    • The windows were beautiful. I have a collection of Milan windows to post soon.

  4. Even the photos induce reverence for the ancient City. However, Dolce and Gabana just induces envy! Such beautiful things.

    • Oh to be young enough to wear the clothes!

  5. So Debra — will you “blog” us from Brisbane as well ? You could show us — house cleaning , washing the dishes , picking ya nose — some real Aussie stuff .
    Now seriously — why how do you fly ex Florence — I’m not to keen on going via Rome next year , too far to BDL !! What options can you suggest ??
    Regards Richard
    PS : remember my invite to Mission Beach — my house is available for Dec. 11-23rd — you should take your husband up for a holiday ! Did I give you the link ? We could do a “contra” on BDL !!!

    • Sorry I don’t mean to crash this post, but some alternatives to Rome are directly into Venice with airlines such as Emirates, Qatar and British Airways (all easy from AU), or else British Airways, Air France and Lufthansa all fly into Pisa which would be a lot closer, although connections might be inconvenient. They would all have through fares from Aus or elsewhere in the world. Special earlybird fares ex Australia are out now if that’s where you’re travelling from.

      • You can fly into Pisa and Florence, Pisa is closer, easier and there are more connections. I usually fly Finnair, which doesn’t have connections to either place and I find it just as convenient to get trains from either Rome or Milan…..and I get to stop there as well. I am in the process of booking my next trip to take advantage of those earlybird fares….thanks for the tip.

    • I have a stash of posts waiting to go, but I will be posting from Australia too. I only write about things I like, so there will be no house cleaning. I didn’t fly out of Florence, I left from Rome, but 1st November was a public holiday with limited transport out of the village, so I went a day earlier and stayed in Florence for the night.
      I will speak to Jim when I get home about Mission Beach…thanks for the suggestion.

  6. Wow talk about a room with a view! Great shots. I didn’t get to Florence on my last trip to Italy so this has made me think I need to re-visit at some stage!

    • Florence is one of the most visited cities in the world….with good reason.

  7. Florence looking wonderful especially in the rain. See you real soon….looking forward to our coffee catch up next week.

    • It positively sparkled in the rain…..lovely.

  8. Always a bittersweet pleasure to see Florence like this Debra. I know you love it as much as I do so I can bear it,;-) knowing you’ve had a long last look for a couple of months at least! I love the clean new bronze and the shop window shots especially.

    • It was nice to stand in front of the bronze doors and have them to myself.

      • I bet it was!

  9. Shame about the rain but Florence still looks gorgeous and what an amazing view from your window. This post makes me want to go back to Florence.

    • I will take Florence in any weather.

  10. Enchanting post! Thanks Debra!

    • I love Florence….I will be back soon.

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  12. A delightful city to wander of an evening regardless of the weather, your photos are great and bring back happy memories of our trip.

    • I go to Florence every couple of weeks…..I never get bored with this city.

  13. What a view from the hotel room! Besides, what’s not to love about Florence. Safe travels.

    • I know! I wanted to stand on the balcony for hours, except that it was freezing. I kept the curtain open all night and I could see the dome from my bed.

  14. Florence is beautiful, whatever the weather. 🙂

    • It looks especially lovely on a wet night. Everything shines.

  15. There’s something very magical about Florence. No matter how many times I go there I’m still in awe of her beauty. Fabulous photos Debra.

    • The Piazza Signoria is one of my favourite places in Italy.

  16. Thank you, Debra; Florence is a beautiful city in any weather, as you have so perfectly demonstrated!

    • The only time I don’t go is in the middle of summer…..too hot, too many people.

  17. There’s just something special about Florence at night. They really know how to light up the city to make it seem magical.
    Have a safe trip back to Australia.

    • I am slowly working my way home. I am waiting at the airport in Helsinki to go to Hong Kong.

  18. Gorgeous shots! I can imagine how you must miss it. We visited about two decades ago and I have few good photos to show for it 🙁

    • Florence is a very special place and the more I get to know it the more I like it.

  19. Love love Florence, especially the food!

    • The Florence food market is one of the best I have been to.

  20. I had forgotten how lovely Florence looks at night… it has been a long time. Just as you do, we go there very often whenever we are in Bagni; however, it is always day visits and cities like Florence look magnificent at night. Great photos, Debra! And I do love that D & G white lace dress… Really exquisite!

    • You really need to do an overnight next time in Florence. It takes on a completely different feel when the day trippers have gone and it is very beautiful by moonlight.

  21. oh how i miss Florence, and Rome, and everything that is Italian.

  22. Beautiful photos. Looking forward to going to Florence next visit. I agree with Fragolina (and others), its very difficult being away from Italy but those of us who are away will all be looking forward to our next visit.

  23. Beautiful photos! I especially like the Florence at night photos. Thank you for sharing and thank you for stopping by Travel Oops and liking the rooftop shots! Steph

    • Italian rooftops make great photos don’t they.

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