Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 8, 2012

Lunch at Trattoria Casalinga, Florence

Casalinga means housewife in Italian, a much nicer word I think. My husband often comments that I don’t linger around the house much.

This restaurant was suggested to me by fellow blogger, Janine from Destination Umbria who loves to eat here.

At lunchtime I had to queue to get a table and then had to share with a couple of gentlemen and another couple. No problem, I could see that the food coming from the kitchen looked excellent.


The restaurant is tiny, although I think there may be another room at the back.


Waiting patiently.

One of the bonuses of sitting at a share table was that I could photograph what the others were eating. The 2 Florentine gentlemen were happy to hold up their food for me.


That one is a bit blurry, but you get the idea.




I ordered scallopina del limone with a side order of peas. I love the way peas are cooked here.


I resisted the urge to order dolce, although I saw some delicious things being delivered.

The restaurant is a hole in the wall in Via dei Michelozzi, near the Piazza Spirito Santo on the Palazzo Pitti side of the Arno.
Trattoria Casalinga was to close for a month after my visit for renovations. It will reopen at the end of March 2012.

Thank you Janine for the recommendation.


  1. Great to know about another home style trattoria in Florence. Your scallopine looks just the way I like it. My only worry is whether they would allow “Tequila” to sit under the table in her travelling bag while we have lunch…

    • I’m sure Tequila would be welcome. I see lots of little dogs out with their owners here.

  2. Debra! How wonderful!!! But it’s me who should be thanking you! I’m reading this just before I run off to cook dinner and my mouth is watering!!! This is really a special place for me and a perfect spot to eat ‘alone’ – because you never do! There is indeed another big room out back but it still manages to fill up very quickly. I love the mix of tradesmen, bankers, office workers and visitors you get at lunchtime especially. The passing parade makes waiting for a table much more interesting.

    • I like the customers as well. You know a restaurant is good when all the local workers eat there.

  3. I ate here my last night in Florence last spring. My hotel was right around the corner. Loved it!

  4. I’m not much of a pea eater, but the pastsa looks delicious–as does the bread. Just finished breakfast here in the US, and I’m ready for lunch looking at these photos. LOL

    • I love peas! Even as a child I liked to eat peas, raw, cooked, any way at all.

  5. The meals look simple and scrumptious. I salivated plenty when I saw the scallopini and peas dish! I liked the homely atmosphere of the trattoria with its collection of photos, paintings and pottery. Little wonder there is a patient queue at lunchtimes.

    • It was fun having lunch with the local Florentines.

  6. This looks a great place for lunch the day we will be shopping in Florence in April. I am keen to try your dish of scallopina del limone with those little green peas.
    Only five weeks until i arrive. I hope early spring will be in the air about then- maybe wishful thinking- doesnt matter really as i love it any time of year.
    Dianne Cant

    • If we go early perhaps we won’t have to wait.

  7. My favorite! Don’t miss their ribollita. Great place!

    • I’ll have to go back to try the ribollita, thanks for the tip.

  8. Looks like I have yet ANOTHER eatery to add to our list for May…never enough time to enjoy them all..but we will do our best!

    Thanks for sharing the photos and making me hungry – even though I just ate lunch 🙂


    • You would need several lifetimes to do and eat everything you need to in Italy.

  9. Simple, elegant fare. I love peas – how do they cook them there that makes them so special?

    • I don’t know what they do to the peas, but they are delicious. They are slightly overcooked and a bit squashy. I think they are cooked in stock and perhaps prosciutto is involved.

  10. I love Italian dining, esp. with good company of friends and family. I’m up-ping for the 4 -5 courses. I don’t mind ballooning my belly. They use healthier olive oil anyway. 😀

    I love the dessert too, gelato, tiramisu, even fruits. Don’t care as long as it’s a good part of the dining experience. 😀

    • It is very easy to eat well in Italy.

  11. Suddenly I’m starving.

    • Looking at food can do that to you.

  12. Casalinga just sounds better than very average sounding ‘housewife’. love the sounds of this place!

    • Housewife sounds quite dreary in comparison.

  13. Buon Appetito, Debra!!!

  14. Nothing quite like authentic Italian trattoria.Casalinga in Florence looks perfect and yes the option to sit with and enjoy eating with the locals is special. A couple of things occur to me: Debra do you have good conversational Italian and what are your readers favourite authentic Italian restaurants outside of Italy. I love Grossi’s in Melbourne.

    By the way the weather in Brisbane is just perfect today, hot, but not too humid. Cool and barmy in the evenings.

    • My everyday Italian is OK. I would be better if I studied a bit, but I can have a conversation with the locals, especially involving food.
      We like Beccofino in Brisbane. I have been to Grossi in Melbourne, it’s great!

  15. what a beautiful meal. i can’t wait to try it. shooting for next april 2013. it will come fast. ciao.

    • There will be lots of good meals for you here.

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