Posted by: Debra Kolkka | March 9, 2012

My spring flowers

I love to plant flowers on my tiny balcony and on the bridge below my apartment. It was freezing when I first arrived so they were bit late this year. The weather has warmed up a bit, so I planted them last week and they are doing well.















The rose has started to shoot as well.


Spring is definitely on the way.


  1. They are all so beautiful dear Debra, and what a view of your balcony… I loved it i especially the trees behind the houses so beautiful… Have a nice Spring days, Thank you, with my love, nia

    • I love my tiny balcony!!!

  2. Looks like you had a lovely day Deb. Thanks for the extra color in the street too. Wonderful.

    • I love to see the pansies on the bridge.

      • I saw two pansies on the Story Bridge this morning!

      • Were they friendly?

  3. i love flowers! nice! 😉

    • Spring is beautiful in Bagni di Lucca.

  4. The flowers are looking great, Debra and the healthy shoots of your rose bush gives me some hope that mine has also survived the harsh winter and all the snow. I can’t wait to get there to start planting the summer annuals. What about your peonies?

    • Both of my rose bushes are growing. The peony spends the winter in a sheltered garden. I will retrieve it soon.

  5. I love the flowers and the tiny balcony too! It’s so good when you are here. Don’t ever go away! :=)

    • I’m not planning on leaving any time soon.

  6. How gorgeous. I especially love the view looking out through the doorway. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Deb.

    • I could look at that view all day.

  7. Love the cyclamen with their frilly pink edges 😉 I also remember seeing lots of cyclamen growing wild around Bagni di Lucca when I visited once…

  8. Your balcony looks very pretty. You are right Spring is on the way.

    • The trees haven’t started to turn green yet, but it can’t be far off.

  9. Oh wow….divine!!! Everything looks bellissimo Debra.

    • Spring is a gorgeous time of the year.

  10. So pretty and the view from your balcony just made me sigh, the best shot for me was through the room and out onto the terrace, that shot is gorgeous and it SAYS so much about your life there.. wonderful.. c

    • It was that view that convinced me to buy the apartment.

  11. We are experiencing the yellowing shades of early Autumn in Adelaide; so, on the other side of the world, it’s nice to see the new signs of Spring in Italy. Your flowering bulbs look stunning in the sunshine, adding a jauntiness in the air. You live in a pretty part of the world, Debra. I relish those lovely memories of sitting outside on your tiny balcony to admire the gorgeous scenery of mountains littered with tiny villages and observe the ‘la dolce vita’ of Bagni di Lucca. Such is life!

    • I love filling my balcony with flowers.

  12. I love all your photos of the flowers. They are beautiful!

    • Spring is gorgeous here.

  13. I emulate ceciliag’s comments about your photo from your bedroom(?) overlooking the balcony and beyond…i can understand why you chose to purchse your apartment. It is just beautiful to see spring in Italy through your flowers – such a joy, such beauty anticipating the return of new life….

    I was in Adelaide last week and so Sandra Hs comments perfectly reflect the changing season there. I am looking forward to my return trip to adelaide because in about 3 weeks, it is my opinion, that the autumn leaves are at their best, the yellow green replaced by the full range of golds, reds and browns. I always love a trip into the Adelaide Hills at that time of the year!

    Keep those spring pictures comming.

    • That photo is from our living room. I can see everything that happens in the village from my place. I love it. The Adelaide Hills are gorgeous especially in autumn.

  14. Gorgeous, what a wonderful place to spend Spring, wish I was there 🙂

    • Spring is a beautiful time of the year here.

  15. Small is beautiful Debra. I love it that you plant flowers on the bridge. What a gesture of love for a place you love so much!

    • I love to see the flowers on the bridge. The pansies last until early May when I replace them with geraniums.

  16. These are so beautiful, I love the daffodils. It’s still bitter cold here to plant anything! However a few weeks ago I planted cilantro and thyme and they are certainly taking there time to sprout! Thanks for the wonderful bursts of colour.

    • The leaves on the trees are not appearing yet, a bit later than last year. It is still very cold at night.

  17. Flowers are beautiful. The weather vane is superb.

    Cheers Judy

  18. It looks like spring has definitely sprung-your flowers look beautiful.

    • The magnolias in Lucca are almost in full flower. Soon the trees will be green again.

  19. What a beautiful setting you have, Debra. It’s no wonder you go back again and again. Love the shot through the doorway. Beautiful! Happy Spring – Tuscan style.

    • I love the view from our place. I never tire of it.

  20. Nice views from your place. I especially like the photo taken from inside, with the doors framing it all.

    • I love having my balcony full of flowers. The pansies will grow and they smell delicious.

  21. Deb, such a beautiful post! And Spring has come so early to your part of the world. I’m glad you’re surrounded by colour and sunshine, love. xx

    • The days are beautiful just now,but it may turn cold again.

  22. Nice to see spring flowers out already. Who will look after them when you are not there later in summer and the bridge flowers? Can’t wait for early June to come to BDL.

    • My apartment is full most of the time and Rina takes care of the apartment for me. I pay someone to water the flowers on the bridge.

  23. Gorgeous photo of the flowers on your balcony Debra, I literally sighed out loud! 😀

  24. Beautiful shots Debra! Really looking forward to our stay in the not too distant future!

  25. Lovely photos of lovely flowers. Isn’t Spring the BEST??!

    • Spring is delightful here. We went to Florence today and it was just perfect.

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