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Learn Italian in Lucca

One of the things that visitors to Italy like to do is learn to speak some Italian. I think the best way to do this is to join a class. It helps with gaining the confidence to actually speak.

There is a new school in Lucca doing a great job. The teachers are all enthusiastic and have had lots of experience. I sat in on a class the other day and it was a lot of fun. I was nowhere near as advanced as the other students but I understood enough to keep up. The classes seem to be quite small, which I think is great. That way you get a bit of individual attention.



The cheerful teachers I met that day are Eva, Daniela, Marina, Antonella and Angelo.

I liked the way the lesson was made fun. Obviously grammar has to be learned, but there was also lots of conversation where the students participate and corrections are gently made. The young French girl I met in class had been going for 2 weeks and said she was delighted with her progress. Antonella was the teacher we had and she has a genuine delight in the beautiful Italian language and the ability to pass this on.

The school seems to be very flexible with the courses it offers and will begin a class with a minimum of just 2 students. Individual lessons are also available. As well as lessons in the classroom they organise fun excursions and cooking lessons, making learning even more fun.

The school is in Via S. Anna, 14, just outside the wall of Lucca near the Porta S. Anna.
(+39) 0583 311051


  1. It sounds excellent. As a former teacher of Foreign Languages, I can assure that the best thing that a prospective student can do is to enrol in an intensive, immersion course in the country where the particular language is spoken. And, combining the course with homestay at the home of an Italian family ensures a perfect immersion in the language and culture. I also like their option to attend the general class with one-to-one lessons, which should address any individual problems and difficulties. Prices seem very reasonable. Very favourably impressed!

    • I was impressed with the enthusiasm of the teachers and their clear love of what they do.

  2. Having an enthusiastic teacher helps the learning process. My grade 9 French teacher was a rotten apple, she made me hate the language, I even failed her class.

    • My French teacher didn’t instil a love of language in me either. Poor Miss Moneypenny, we were dreadful to her.

  3. Italiano!!!! is the best language. When I come to visit Lucca I will definitely take a class Debro. Ciao.

    • I’m sure they will be happy to see you.

  4. This could be a great reason to head your way and stay a week or three!

    • I think so too, lessons in the morning and sightseeing in the afternoon.

  5. Hello !
    I am the french girl from Lucca Italian School 🙂
    I finally visited your blog, it’s very interesting! I write a blog too, but it’s in French ( ) !
    I can confirm that this school is really great, the teachers really helped me to learn italian quickly! There are also activities during the afternoon, for example we went to “carnevale di Viareggio”, we had a lot of fun !

    • Ciao Cecile, Nice to hear from you. I think the school is doing a great job. I went to the Carnevale in Viareggio too….wonderful fun. I wish I could read French.

  6. Small classes and native speakers in a beautiful inspiring setting off the tourist trail. Sounds perfect Debra.

    • It helps if learning a new language is fun.

  7. Sounds like an idea for a perfect holiday – a little time spent learning the language and free time to explore the surrounding area.

    • It is a good reason to come to Italy.

  8. I would love to join one of those courses.

    • I’m sure they would love to have you.

  9. I’ve been thinking about taking a few classes when I’m there. I always enjoyed my classes in Arezzo and I need to practice!

    • This would be great for you. You could easily fit in a few lessons.

  10. I’m headed to LIS next week! Can’t wait!

  11. Gosh, I would love to study Italian at a school like this. Thanks for passing along this introduction!

    • I think you need to come to Italy.

  12. Doing a language course in Italy is on my bucket list. Thanks for the details!

    • Lucca would be a good place to go to school. There is lots to see and do around here.

  13. What I love about learning Italian in Italy is how kind they are when we make a mess of their beautiful language, and how good they are at managing to understand our garbled efforts. It makes the task so much less inhibiting than it can be in other countries.

    • I have had a few people here who are not very accommodating, but mostly they are understanding.

  14. Tis on the bucket list to learn Italian in Italy. 🙂

    • You must come to Lucca.

  15. Good luck with your lessons! Not that you’ll need them-it seems like you are in good hands!

  16. I always mean to learn more Italian than prego, pizza and vino rosso.

    My English is okay, my Dutch not bad, my French rusty and my German basic… So much to learn, so little time.

    • My Italian is slowly getting better. It wouldn’t hurt if I studied a bit.

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