Posted by: Debra Kolkka | October 18, 2014

Our new balcony

One of the reasons for my visit to Italy this time (not that I really need a reason) was that our little balcony needed renovating. The concrete has been looking very sad and water had begun to seep through into the apartment…not a good look.

With the help of our good friend Paola we engaged a geometra, who decided what work needed to be done and arranged the permits with the authorities, no easy task.

Work was set to begin on 15th September, and it did. The scaffolding took 2 days to put up.

Our new balcony

Our new balcony

Our new balcony

The old concrete was chipped away.

Our new balcony

Our new balcony

New concrete was moulded into place and waterproofing layers were put down.

Our new balcony


New tiles were laid.

Our new balcony

Our new balcony

Our new balcony

Our new balcony

The renovated railing was installed.

The scaffolding was removed.

Our new balcony

Our new balcony

…we have a lovely new balcony.


Our new balcony

Our new balcony

Our new balcony

The builders did a great job and were a pleasure to work with. It is great to have my balcony back, I have missed my view.

Now the whole building needs painting to match the balcony…it never ends.



  1. Lovely!

    • Nice to hear from you Mirella, it has been a while.

  2. Love it Debra! So glad I get to see the final look complete with flower boxes!
    Looks gorgeous!

    • I love it too. It looks so much better than it used to.

  3. You have such a prime spot in Bagni di Lucca Ponte and are doing a fabulous job of keeping it looking gorgeous!

    • We love our apartment in Ponte a Serraglio. I think it is the best spot in town.

  4. And doesn’t it look fabulous. A credit to you and an asset to Ponte a Serraglio. Well done Debra.

    • I can’t believe how much better it looks than before. i had become used to the scruffy look.

  5. Nice balcony and cool view!!

    • It is a great view, the best in town.

  6. Fantastic Deb. Congratulations and it looks fabulous. The tiles are lovely. Thanks for the great photos. I have been looking forward to seeing the finished project

    • It will look even better in pring next year when i plant my geraniums.

  7. Wow Deb it looks wonderful – I love that you have put the old tiles in – Garry was fascinated by the scaffolding – enjoy

    • The tiles are new, they just look a bit old. I did enjoy watching the process.

  8. Looks great Deb

    • Thanks, I like it.

  9. It really looks great, Deb! Well worth all the effort, the inconvenience and the money spent…

    • The builders did a great job. I would recommend them to anyone.

  10. Balcony looks great and like the choice of tiles. Well done Deb.

    • It looks so neat and clean after the old balcony.

  11. Looks wonderful. Gives a new excuse to revist for a inspections!

    • I can’t wait to put my spring flowers there.

  12. A really charming balcony, Debra. They did a great job, and I love your view. Enjoy! 🙂

    • Our view is very special, we need our balcony.

  13. So beautiful Debra, my favourite balcony!

  14. Bravo!!! It looks fantastic Deb…well done!

    • The builders did a great job.

  15. Just love that little balcony… Great uplift Debra ..

    • It is a very cute balcony, it deserved a little attention.

  16. And order was restored – that was quite a project. I especially like the feature tiles.

    • Once the work started it went smoothly. We lost a day or 2 to wet weather, but apart from that it was great.

  17. Lovely & great view😀

    • I can see just about everything that goes on in the village.

  18. Small but perfectly (re) formed! Brava Debra!

    • It is quite small, but we are very pleased to have it.

  19. I can see many cups of coffee or tea drank on that balcony! 😀

    • …and glasses of wine, and aperitivi.

  20. Oh my goodness! It looks beautiful. You know I see balconies in need of repair all the time, here in Milan, but I never see anyone fixing them! What a story and what fantastic results.

    • We could have put up with it looking a bit scruffy, but it was letting in water, and that we didn’t need.

  21. Lovely, and the duck is back in place.
    Cheers Judy

    • His base was painted and he was carefully put back in his place.

  22. Love your new balcony, Debra.

  23. The inset pattern tiles look lovely Deb, hope to sit out there some day

  24. Anonymous that’s me Roz

    • You are welcme any time.

  25. It looks great and I hope you really enjoy using it, but two days to put up the scaffolding? Extraordinary! That’s a couple of hours work here to meet health and safety standards that would be at least as stringent.

    • My apartment is directly over a river and the scaffolding had to be suspended out of a window. I could see why it took so long. I was there most of the time they put it up and they worked constantly.

  26. Gorgeous! They did a beautiful job!

    • It is great to have the balcony back and looking so good. I really missed my view when it was covered.

  27. It looks so nice-love the tile work. And yes, what a great excuse to come back to your other home.

    • It is really the first work we have had to do in 11 years. These buildings were built to last.

  28. I was a lot of hard work, but definitely worth it. Your new balcony looks wonderful and what a view!

    • Fortunately I didn’t have to do the work. I love the result.

  29. What a lovely spot to sit with tea or prosecco!

    • …or just to admire the view.

  30. Lovely balcony…indeed the most beautifull place of Ponte! It will be even better in spring when you are going to plant lots of flowers as I know you will!

    • My post was anonymous! I love your balcony! Had many drinks there!

      • I can’t wait to plant my spring things. I am not putting the big pots back, but the pots on the railing will be overflowing with flowers.

  31. I’m pretty sure it’s mysteriously “grown” by about 25% in area :):)

    • It just looks bigger because I took the big pots away. They now live at Casa Debbio. The balcony exactly the same size. What a pity we couldn’t get permission to make it bigger.

  32. What a cracking balcony. We’ve often passed your place on the way in or out of BDL, and the balcony is very visible. The builders have’nt done themselves any harm either (by doing such a good job). I hope it leads to further work for them, they are clearly masters of their craft. In the meantime, as the saying goes, enjoy.

    • Everyone can see our balcony and I can see everyone from it. I love it.

  33. Nice balcony! With a great view….job well done. I know what you mean about work never ending. So true

    • We would like to paint the whole building soon…a major task.

  34. It looks really good Debra, labour of love 😊

    • It is great to have it done. It was beginning to look a bit sad.

  35. Cheers to the work … and hopefully in two years, my wife and I can clink glasses with you on that balcony looking at one of my favorites settings.

    • I look forward from it.

  36. We really enjoyed that balcony on our trip to BdL, Debra. Glad the weather bird is back in his place too, making an excellent photo op.

    • You will have to come back to try the new edition of the balcony.

  37. It turned out beautiful!

    • We are very happy with it.

  38. it looks great Deb. Looking forward to a few vino’s on that new balcony

  39. Lovely work of balony art. But it looked complicated for small space work!

    • Our balcony is directly above a river and a very narrow footpath, so scaffolding needed to be erected to allow the workers access to the under side of the balcony. There was nowhere for them to stand.

  40. It really does look like your builders were true professional…nice job.

  41. Brilliant job! I was wondering how that scaffolding was set up, but couldn’t get a good idea. Hanging from a window, challenging!

  42. Looks lovely with the tiles and flower baskets back in place. Love the view!

    • I am very happy with our new balcony.

  43. Hi Debra could you let me have the name of the Geometra as I am considering putting an offer for a house near Bagni Di Lucca

    • His name is Palmieri and his office is at Diecimo. Good luck with the purchase.

      • Thank you Debra will look him up

  44. Balcony looks lovely think I saw it last time I was in Bagni Di Lucca

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