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Bohemian Christmas Markets

Where I have been in the Czech Republic, every town was either setting up, or about to open its Christmas Markets. I am sure they provide entertainment for the people of the town. They have Christmas decorations, toys of varying types, food and all sorts of entertainment.  Some of the markets were huge, as in Prague, whilst others have been quite small.  However, they were all well attended and everyone seemed to be having fun.  My only hesitation in coming out wholeheartedly in favour was that they spoiled for me the beautiful squares.  I guess I was in the minority.

We have to have holly

Coloured glass angels

Beautiful Wooden Toys


More beautiful wooden toys


A Christmas Angel

Another one


An antique Czech glass ornament


Beautiful beeswax candles

Lace angels

These donut like sweets are traditional Christmas fare.  They are made of dough, then rolled in sugar, cinnamon and walnut or almonds.  They are called Trdelnih and taste similar to donuts except they are roasted over coals and not deep fried.

First the dough is rolled into cigar like shapes

The finished product

Another name is Worm - you can see why

The Tree


  1. I love wandering around Christmas market especially on a crisp winter day. I like the wooden toys in your images.

    • It was fun

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  2. Such a beautiful range of angels to look at, it would be hard to choose only one!

    • Yes I know what you mean

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  3. All of your Christmas decor are awesome 🙂

    • Thankyou

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  4. I have always wanted to go to a European Christmas market; thanks for the armchair trip!

    • You are most welcome

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  5. A Hungarian cafe recently opened up near where we live and they make those bready donut things. Very tasty!

    • Oh how interesting – what do they call them?

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  6. Ahh I do love wooden toys. So many seem to be plastic nowadays!

    • They were lovely

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  7. The stained glass angels are lovely. And my nephews would love some of the wooden toys. What a fun post.

    • You will have to go. The angels were gorgeous

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  8. They are all so nice dear Liz, during these days should be amazing to travel in Europe. Thank you, with my love, nia

    • Thank you – I really enjoyed Eastern Europe

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  9. Beautiful post! I would love to be somewhere in Europe in the weeks before Christmas but I never have. It would be fun to see everything decorated and all the wonderful things you could buy for the holidays!

    • Yes….before Christmas in Europe is really beautiful

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  10. looks fab and a great read 🙂 thank you for sharing! hope all is well back in Oz!

    • Just got back …. I guess it is !!

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  11. Gorgeous holiday images!

    • Yes they are aren’t they – glad you liked them

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  12. Christmas markets are such a great European tradition that I hope they will continue for many years to come. Yes, I agree, some of them spoil a bit the lovely streets and squares; however, they bring other benefits and, in these tough economic times, I guess that they help some people to survive.

  13. Cool! You get to see how they prepare Trdelnik.

    hey jakesprinter!

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